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    April 2, 2023

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    Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav’s Never Again is Now Global five-part documentary series is a MUST WATCH.

    Global Conversations IN PLAIN SIGHT Host Christine Dolan interviews Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor, who is Director and Producer of the five-part documentary series, Never Again is Now Global.

    During the last de-stabilizing three years, Sharav has come to believe that what the world is experiencing is a rerun of her personal history as a young child during the Holocaust targeting human beings with the COVID-19 experimental injections.

    Vera Sharav remembers how a highly educated society and academic, scientific, and cultural institutions became perverted. Moral norms and legal safeguards were tossed to the winds.

    The survivors and family members in her documentary share their knowledge, and their painful memories of the unprecedented industrial-scale human catastrophe.

    The purpose of these Holocaust survival stories are not only to remember and share their historical witnesses, but to warn others about how fear and propaganda condition people to follow repression and oppression, and even murder and government genocide.

    Never Again is Now Global is the only documentary directed by a Holocaust survivor to educate the similarities during the COVID-19 era to the Holocaust.

    The documentary brings together testimonies of children and grandchildren of survivors and victims; German descendants of victims as well as a grandson of Nazi scientists. The participants include doctors, scientists, a Rabbi, and African American freedom fighters.

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    Vera Sharov main goal is to promote holocaust enterprise she have not answered why Jewish corporation like IG farben now Byer IMB are not condemned for helping Hitler without their money Hitler would not start war killing so many poorer Jews polish Czechs Russian Sharow is selfish and is whitewashing german atrocities

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