• Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Connecticut Law That Removed Religious Exemptions To Childhood Vaccinations

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    The Supreme Court declined to hear We The Patriots USA's challenge to the Connecticut law, Public Act No. 21-6, which removed religious exemptions to school vaccination requirements.

    Attorney General William Tong released a statement right after the decision.

    “This is the end of the road to a challenge to Connecticut’s lifesaving and fully lawful vaccine requirements. We have said all along, and the courts have affirmed-- the legislature acted responsibly and well within its authority to protect the health of Connecticut families and to stop the spread of preventable disease,” said Attorney General Tong.

    Both the District Court and the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit entirely rejected the We The Patriots USA argument which relied on Jacobson v Massachusetts. The plaintiffs then asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case, but the Supreme Court declined to do so today.

    See here for the brief filed by Attorney General Tong in opposition to the petition for writ of certiorari (the request for the Supreme Court to consider the case).

    One part of We The Patriots USA case still remains active, involving a single plaintiff’s claim based on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Tong feels confident that the IDEA claim will be dismissed by the District Court on remand.

    "For me, the loss carried with it a deeply personal blow. This case represented the cause that got me started in health freedom activism years ago, long before We The Patriots USA even existed," wrote Brian Festa, founder of We The Patriots USA.

    Festa called today "a dark day for health freedom and religious liberty in America" especially since today’s order list for SCOTUS dealt two cert denials to Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

    "The Supreme Court also denied CHD’s cert petition in its lawsuit against Rutgers University over its COVID-19 shot mandate, while also denying cert in CHD’s lawsuit against the FDA challenging its licensure of the covid shot for children," lamented Festa.

    Despite the dark news today, Festa has promised he won't back down on the fight for medical freedom, nor will he lose hope.

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