• The RNC's Apparent Plot Against Trump Thickens

    Here They Go Again...

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    By Kat Stansell

    Lest you get confused about those old party labels again, know that the RNC has pulled yet another act against its own candidate, Donald Trump. They appear to be hand-in-glove with the Left.

    Yesterday - TWO MONTHS AFTER THE MISSOURI DELEGATES WERE CHOSEN - the Republican National Convention Committee ruled that there had been “alarming irregularities” in the process of their election. Why weren’t these “alarming irregularities” discovered months ago?? Why not, when the state had a chance to fix whatever was deemed wrong?

    “The Missouri Republican Party must replace 54 national convention delegates and alternates selected at its chaotic state convention because of “alarming irregularities” in the process, the Republican National Convention Committee on Contests ruled. I’d bet we may hear more of this kind of thing….

    The list of rejected delegates includes two of the major GOP candidates for governor, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and state Sen. Bill Eigel.

    “The committee holds that the State Convention was not properly credentialed, and that any slate of delegates and alternate delegates adopted at the State Convention must be discarded,” states the report signed by Chairwoman Jeanne Luckey, Mississippi socialite ”

    Rather, I believe that this sudden upheaval might have been created because of the MO AG having just sued the State of NY over lawfare against Trump. Lately, Missouri has been standing strong and tall, and become a real threat to the Left apparently.

    Dear God, can’t have strong Trump supporters messing up the RNC’s convention!

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    Florida and Georgia Republican Committees, possibly Texas’ too, and more, have been working in shady territory this past year, taking care of their own Trump delegates - and state Trump supporters - without the direct aid of the RNC. Good dogs.

    In general, the stench of undercover acts to throw the nomination away from Donald Trump, is becoming undeniable. This stinks because Donald Trump is the people’s choice, nationwide. That’s how it used to work.

    This is horrifying because these state party maneuvers are being done in support of the brain dead old man and his Junta leader, Obama, who have demonstrated their contempt for us and our freedom, for years.

    Mao is rearing his ugly head for all to see.

    Remember, our two parties today are the Constitutionalists and the Communists. It’s getting easier to see who’s who, by the day.

    As we are seeing, time and time again, the State (our American communists) does not care what you want. They are not standing up there addressing and solving your problems. No. They are creating them. The Globalist contingent of RINOs + Leftists are using Maoist actions which lead to death and destruction, not a better world. … Here’s a quote from the Chinese leader:

    “For instance, to arrest, try, and sentence certain counterrevolutionaries, and to deprive landlords and bureaucratic capitalists of their right to vote and their freedom of speech for a certain period of time — all this comes within the scope of our dictatorship” ~ Mao Zedong.

    Sound familiar? The Obama/Biden Junta which stole the 2020 election did so for control. They did NOT do it for YOU. The last three and a half years prove that.

    Even then, they leaned on election fraud, because they KNEW Trump would win. The promise of his doing so again is more than they can tolerate. NOW, election fraud is not enough, as the entire world saw an unelectable candidate stammering and clutching a podium in the first debate. NO ONE would believe if the 2024 general election results showed Biden as the winner. SO, they (those working against our freedom) are scrambling to do everything possible to upend the winning candidate.

    The RNC appears to be helping. Forget the fact that it is their OWN candidate who is headed for a landslide victory. Too many things are making them suspect…

    The wishes of the people are crystal clear. We choose freedom - of speech, assembly, private ownership - and a government that guarantees us those things in its body of laws. Once upon a fairy tale, that is what the Republican Party stood for. Think back in Abraham Lincoln’s era. He was murdered by the other side, by the Left who wanted slavery to continue.

    I pray every day that our evil Lucifer-worshipping cabal never succeeds with that. We KNOW they have considered it.

    At this point, all we can do it stand STRONG with those who support our Constitution. Contact every representative - local, state and national. Do it every day. Fill their inboxes and Twaddle accounts with heavy storm waters. This is especially true for your local election officials. Bring them the ICE detainer lists (available from your local sheriff), and let them refuse to check their rolls for these illegals who are registering everywhere. Make their refusal reverberate across their county. Another job…if the Supervisor of Elections agrees then does nothing, be even louder.

    Let the voters know who and what these officials are.

    Keep your eyes and ears open. I want to hear from you about what you see and smell around you.

    And pray.


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