• The Simsbury Public Library "Teen Room"

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    By Thomas Turner

    In the large Teen Room on the main floor of the Simsbury Public Library, a full shelf of sex-centered teen books has been found, some textually pornographic and others graphically so, such as Gender Queer, Lawn Boy, This Book is Gay, Trans Teen Survival Guide, Queer There, etc.  These promote an LGBTQ agenda among teens not to just inform but apparently to indoctrinate and recruit as well, transgressing on parents prerogatives to explain sexual matters themselves to their children without having a library’s graphic, obscene offerings intervene to harm and confuse under-aged youth and later adults.  In one study, records show that "attempted suicide rates among people who identified as transgender more than doubled after receiving a vaginoplasty." (See Footnote 1.)  And another "study shows that for patients who had transgender surgery, their suicide rate after 10 years was 19-fold higher than the general population, Dr. Oliva said." (See Footnote 2.)

    Walking the floor to get a sense of the contents there, I first found a rack containing what can only be described as books with satanic undertones.  Moving on, the north wall of the room held a poster entitled "Pride Primer," a promotional listing of non-binary sexual relationships for teens to try out.  I did not see many career oriented books as preludes to adult endeavors.  Most of the teen books were relationship-oriented, sociological fiction novels.  And among them, even with limited browsing, books were found that were clearly anti-religious, sexist and others racist against whites.

    This is a large room for a library to devote to a confrontational purpose that is an affront to expected community norms for educating youth.  Most troubling, such use must have received full approval from the Library Trustees and its Director whom the BOS (Board of Selectmen) should hold to explain these accommodations.  It would appear that a political agenda is involved here that a public library should have no part in promoting.  During visits made to confirm the location of children's porno books only a few people were encountered, in addition to the Teen Room Director, using this room.  Is the room being avoided?  Besides the harm that could befall impressionable, under-age kids in visiting here, the apparent purpose for this large room with graphic sex book offerings appear to be a wasteful use of taxpayer funds.  This Teen Room is misrepresented, with its intentional, graphic indoctrinations into adult, radical gender politics which many believe have no place what-so-ever in the Simsbury Public Library or in a Teen Room.

    The Teen Room is misrepresented, with its intentional, not so subtle indoctrinations into adult, radical gender politics which many, many of us believe have no place what-so-ever being in the Simsbury Public Library or in its "Teen Room."

    Thomas Turner is a resident of Simsbury, Connecticut.

    Footnote 1.  Redshaw, M. (Updated 2024, April 2). "Rates of Suicide Attempts Doubled After Gender- Surgery: Study" (Redshaw, 2024 para. 2) The EPOCH TIMES, retrieved from https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/rates-of-suicide-attempts-doubled-after-gender-reassignment-surgery-5616167,

    Footnote 2.  Oliva, A. (Updated 2024, April 2).  "They waited more than 10 years after people had surgery and found that death by suicide had an adjusted hazard ratio of 19.1.” (Oliva, 2024 para. 12)  The EPOCH TIMES, retrieved from https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/rates-of-suicide-attempts-doubled-after-gender-reassignment-surgery-5616167

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    Amy Williams

    Sickening- no wonder the upcoming generations cannot leave their parents home- they are incapacitated, uneducated, unprepared, utter victims- all by Marxist design!


    lol pathetic triggered conservative. Sad!


    This is so laughably untrue that one has to wonder what sense of reality this writer has. The teen space is often empty during school hours - for obvious reasons - but it is packed for events like board game afternoons, gaming afternoons, book club, coloring and cookies, etc. The library has a varied collection which the author has chosen to ignore while picking and choosing what to focus on.

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