• Trump Says He "Knows Nothing About Project 2025" - It's Not His Plan

    Donald Trump, Public Domain.

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    Donald Trump issued a statement about Project 2025 today, clarifying that it is not his plan, he knows nothing about it, and he thinks some elements of the plan are "absolutely ridiculous and abysmal".

    Screenshot, Truth Social

    Project 2025 was created by Kevin Roberts, the Heritage Foundation’s president, and is backed by a broad coalition of over 100 conservative organizations, such as America First Legal, the Claremont Institute, and the Independent Women's Forum.

    The media and politicians have been trying to hang Project 2025 like a noose around Trump's neck, as if the so-called "Presidential Transition Project" were his own, but it's not Trump's plan.

    Master gaslighter Chris Murphy even made a video about Project 2025, falsely calling it "Trump's agenda".

    Murphy goes on to completely fabricate a narrative about Trump's alleged agenda that just isn't true.

    In fact, Murphy's lies can be easily disproven by simply going to the "Agenda 47" section on Trump's site, and watching the videos he's posted that describe his positions.

    So don't be misled about what Trump's agenda really is by those who despise him.

    Instead, go straight to the source to hear what Trump has to say about his agenda himself, without the fake news media spin.

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    Steve Eisenberg

    Everybody in power, or who would like to be in power, is so threatened by Trump's simple desire to let US citizens live by the provisions set forth in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that they are going bonkers and have been since 2015. Whover is freaked by Trump are those whom every-day people should avoid.

    Amy Williams

    Hmmm- I thought Project 2025 was a winner- why doesn’t Trump align with it- so many true Patriots are involved- I am a bit confused by his statement.

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