• Two Days Left To Get Tickets For Special Showing Of "Protocol 7" In Plainville

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    CT Liberty Rally and Stop College Mandates have teamed up for a special premier of Andy Wakefield's Protocol 7 at the AMC Theater in Plainville, CT, on Monday, July 15th.

    The movie is based on real-life events.

    Alexis Koprowski, a devoted mother and small-town family lawyer; Adrian Jay, a renegade doctor exiled from the medical profession; and Steve Schilling, a virologist at a prominent vaccine laboratory turned corporate whistleblower, work together to hold a large pharmaceutical corporation accountable for allegedly fraudulent test results behind a failing mumps vaccine.

    Protocol 7 goes behind the corporate curtain, exposing a chain of command that devolves responsibility, prioritizes profits over people, and fosters an amoral mindset of “just following orders”. Perhaps uniquely, the true story of corporate fraud is represented by unsealed documents pertaining to the on-going case that step-by-step reveal a ruthless profit-over-people business model that has done untold harm.

    Tickets must be purchased by the end of June for the Connecticut showing on July 15th. 

    Link to purchase—> https://gathr.com/events/8751139a/protocol-7-at-amc-plainville-20

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