• Stamford's Ferguson Library To Hold Drag Queen Story Hour On June 15th

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    It's that time of year again when fully grown adults make a mockery of women by wearing garish clothes and frightful makeup while reading stories to young children in public libraries.

    This time drag story hour is taking place at the Ferguson Library, a sanctuary library in Stamford, Connecticut.

    A transgender progress pride flag and a large Stamford Pride banner are currently hanging in front of the main library in downtown Stamford. The announcements include drag story hour which is taking place on Saturday, June 15th, from 11am to noon in the First Floor New Materials Room.

    The drag performers will be reading a book about a child with lesbian grandmothers written by local author Gayathri R. Waring.

    Screenshot, Stamford Pride on Instagram

    This year's story hour, which is being described by the library as an "interactive" event, will feature three drag performers: drag queens Tiki Malone and Destiny Harmony (whose full stage name is "Destiny Harmony Whoreowitz"), and drag king Perry Winkle, who is a self-described "proud trans masc performer" with a pizza slice tattooed on her neck.

    Winkle wants to "prioritize the safety of queer kids over the comfort of adults" and jokes about dildos and p*ssy on Facebook. Winkle also wants to "end the occupation" of Palestine.

    Drag queens Malone and Whoreowitz have made provocative posts on social media, too, as you can see in the below screen shots from the drag performers' social media pages.

    Screenshot, Facebook

    This is not a drop-off event, so a parent will be required to stay in order for children to participate.

    Questions about the event can be directed to the Stamford Ferguson Library's Youth Services Desk at (203) 351-8243 ... like, for instance, why is it so important for a taxpayer-funded library to invite drag performers to read to small children?

    Screenshot, Tiki Malone, Instagram
    Screenshot, Tiki Malone, Instagram
    Screenshot, Destiny Harmony Whoreowitz, Instagram
    Screenshot, Destiny Harmony Whoreowitz, Instagram
    Screenshot, Perry Winkle on Instagram
    Screenshot, Perry Winkle (far left) on Instagram

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