• 2024: The Surrendering And Abuse Of Your Personal Data For The New Order Of Patriotic Obedience

    March 16, 2024
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    In the post Covid-19 apocalypse, the government has figured out new ways for you to provide your service to it. One way is by mining and selling your most personal data without your knowledge or consent.

    Why is it important that Connecticut swipes our data? Why has it sold our data to different businesses? Why has our Federal Government started buying our personal data without our knowledge? Isn't this illegal and a violation of Federal law?

    Whatever happened to our privacy as private citizens? Are we being spied on with no repercussions and with no ability to legally challenge any government agency either on a state or federal level for doing this? Why is this allowed? Why is our entire political establishment coldly and icily silent on this issue? Why has the State of Connecticut suffered several major data breaches over the past several years but has acknowledged none? Further, why does corporate and/or state-run media run away from the findings of data sales or breaches even when irrefutable facts are made known to the public?

    My friend and colleague Tony De Angelo has been chronicling the egregious situation of data abuses and misuses in Connecticut for the past several years including (but, not limited to) the cover-up of the global 2020 Department of Health breach and the subsequent MOVE-IT file transfer breach, known as “The Hack of The Year” by Tech Crunch Magazine in 2023. Tony is fond of calling Connecticut the “data insecurity” state.

    But as terrible as that is, we know we have at least two major documented issues in Connecticut with the selling of our personal data with no questions asked by any political or state-connected media sources.

    First, what has happened with the swiping of the personal genomic data of children that went to Sema-4 under the guise of “testing” during the Covid-19 state crisis? Secondly, whatever has become of the personal data that was given to Boston Consulting Group by then-Chief of Staff Josh Geballe by contract during the Covid-19 state crisis? Has any elected official been concerned with this even after being notified, in no uncertain terms, that a crime had been committed by the state against its citizens?

    Concurrently, has any Connecticut elected Democrat United States Senator or Representative questioned and/or informed his or her constituents as to what has been done with the data bought by our National Intelligence agencies with our United States Taxpayers monies?

    For example: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bought personal data from tens of millions of cellphones to check obedience to COVID lockdown and curfew decrees. A California county paid for information revealing how many people attended each church during COVID lockdowns. The Internal Revenue Service purchased location and tracking data from a private firm that sells data harvested from dating apps."

    Aren't these purchases a direct violation of our Fourth Amendment of due process to the United States Constitution? Or is the United States Constitution just something that should be ignored by the Democrat Party and its operatives and enablers in our government? And this was done last year, so why has little been mentioned about it since then? Why?

    Apropos of the above, the week of March 10, 2024, will go down as the week that the U.S. House of Representatives voted to ban the social media app “TikTok” from the United States of America due to reported data transfers and purported election interference by evil Communist actors. Notwithstanding First Amendment issues regarding this proposed ban, a genuine impulse to protect the public from harm is admirable. However, more than one politician has been on record saying there would be “no issues” if TikTok were owned by an American company. Since the data of American citizens is involved with TikTok, the telling nature of these blatant statements by politicians are simply starkly indicative of this entitled attitude that we are all too well aware of.

    Law abiding, legal Americans and American Taxpayers legally have a right to our privacy. Since the Covid-19 crisis, we seem to have been stripped of this legal right under the guide of “it's for the greater good”.

    And at the same time millions of illegal immigrants can parade right through our country with no questions asked and legal American Taxpayers are now required to support them. Is any data being compiled on the massive amount of terrorist, drug and human smugglers and criminals who are welcomed to our country daily by the Biden Administration?

    This is yet another example of the total disrespect and humiliation of the legal United States citizens and American Taxpayers who must fund this treacherous disregard on all levels of government for the laws of our country for their own financial and political gains.

    Demand of all your elected officials that this heinous behavior stop now.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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