• 47 Yale Students Have Been Arrested On Beinecke Plaza

    More than 300 protesters are still blocking the intersection of College and Grove Streets in New Haven.

    Screenshot, Yale Daily News on X

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    The Yale Daily News is providing live coverage of the on-going protests at the University that have also prevented Jewish students from being able to safely move about the campus.

    Protesters are shouting chants, including, “Salovey, you can’t hide, you’re funding genocide” and, “One, we are the people; two, we won’t be silenced; three, stop the violence now, now, now” and chalking up the sidewalks with messages like “disclose and divest.” 

    So far, police in riot gear have arrested 47 students. The students will be referred to Yale for subsequent disciplinary action, which could include reprimand, probation or even expulsion in the most extreme cases.

    New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker clarified that Yale Police Department, not the University, had requested support from the New Haven Police Department. Elicker further requested University President Peter Salovey to speak about the protests.

    “The university made the decision to arrest those individuals who would not leave the Plaza with the safety and security of the entire Yale community in mind and to allow access to university facilities by all members of our community,” per a University spokesperson. 

    One of the protest organizers, Kerry Ellington, argued that Yale should reinvest "its "weapons manufacturing money" into affordable housing and "paying its fair share of taxes" to New Haven.

    Apparently the protesters have nothing else better to do today, and plan on being there for a while. One organizer is even shouting through a megaphone that “we’re going to be here all f***ing day.”

    The local media is reporting these as "pro-Palestine" protests and downplaying the blatant antisemitism, including the intimidation and harassment of Jewish students, and the assault of a Jewish student who was stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag.

    A group called "Yale Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP)" issued a statement to reaffirm it's support of the protests:

    "Our unwavering support of the “Books not Bombs” and #occupybeinecke actions, and roundly condemns the shameful threats to use disciplinary action or police intervention to interfere with and criminalize the students’ right to peacefully protest on a campus that for so many of them is also their home. We also refute the ridiculous efforts to manufacture patently false claims of violence and harassment of counter-protesters at the peaceful occupation of Beinecke Plaza. These spurious claims are particularly shocking given that the constant surveillance of the event by many faculty, administrators, police, and other authorities proves no such violence has occurred."

    "We stand in solidarity with our students as they advocate for meaningful change regarding Yale's investments in weapons manufacturers."

    You can download the full statement here:

    A number of students at the protest believe that the protest is so important, that it comes before academics. This sentiment is clearly shared by the professors who are part of FJP.

    FJP-Yale additionally asserts that slanders and misinformation are being spread in order "to tar" this "popular and peaceful protest".

    So getting stabbed in the eye by a Palestinian flag is all part of a "peaceful protest" according to FJP-Yale?

    Sounds like the "summer of love" all over again, doesn't it?

    By the way, Governor Ned Lamont, a 1980 Yale School of Management alum, has been awfully quiet about the unrest at the university... which has been the recipient of nearly half a billion dollars in funding over the years.

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    John Galt

    A good whack upside the head would get their attention.


    I was thinking "fire hose," but that would be a waste of good water. I wonder if you can attach a sprayer to those tanker trucks that are used to clean septic tanks.


    These big universities are nothing more than communist indoctrination centers. Amazing these people believe that it's okay to have an "except for" caveat when it comes to equality and tolerance. These protesters are vermin. I wonder if there's still a stockpile of napalm laying around anywhere...

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