• A First-Hand Look At The Yale Protests

    April 23, 2024

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    I went to Yale to see the 'pro-Palestinian' protests for myself Monday morning.  There were close to a thousand people circled around the four corners of College and Grove streets, blocking all traffic.  They were chalking the street, banging a massive tom-tom in the center of the intersection, chanting "shut it down" referencing Yale, painting banners supporting Gaza, and calling for Yale to divest itself from any investments related to Israel.  Several young women were leading the bullhorn-driven chants, which were quite intimidating if you were Jewish and passing through the area, as you can see in the video below.  It was impossible to discern if there were outside agitators mixed in with the students, but as with most all college protests over the years, there most assuredly were.

    The students were just as agitated as we’ve seen on TV coverage of similar university protests elsewhere, but at Yale the language seems to have shifted. The chants and signs precisely mimicked those at Berkley, Harvard, Columbia, NYU and others shown on recent news reports.  But in time I noted the distinct absence of “river to the sea” chants or any that specifically targeted Jews. Of course, it was implied, but not chanted out loud. Again, the signs expressed support for Gaza, but the undertone suggested Hamas.

    Make no mistake, these protests have been instigated by agents of the major Middle East terror organizations, and disseminated via the communication tentacles of the organized American Left.  There’s a WSJ op-ed today behind a pay-wall outlining those specific connections. The public backlash to “river to the sea” has been duly noted by the Leftist leadership, and there may well be a calculated tactical shift underway. But the Left doesn't do 'one-offs' - they have a larger, more cunning plan unfolding if they continue to get their way with the already indoctrinated students… 

    When a New Haven policeman appeared giving a TV interview on the sidelines, a break-off crowd turned and moved toward him with chants of "shame on you,” which pushed his interview a half block away to complete it.

    One Yale senior heard me giving an interview to a reporter and approached to tell me he appreciated my comments, critical of the entire affair, and that he's continually intimidated to offer any counter-opinions in his classes—a sad and pathetic commentary on a dark situation developing in a once-great school.  The kids were so incensed that their fellow students would be arrested for pitching tents and blocking campus public areas.  They now truly think they run the place. The sense of supreme entitlement and righteousness among them all was palpable. 

    The arrests at Yale and Columbia (for simple trespassing) may continue to spread across university campuses. And if further minor, face-saving, constraining actions develop, they will increase tensions with student bodies that actually need to be disciplined into their appropriate place in no uncertain terms. Such student frustrations with not getting their way, will be preyed upon, exacerbated, and exploited by the Leftist operatives long embedded in most every campus across the country.

    Though the current crisis involves the intimidation of the American Jewish community, the history of these operatives dates back to the 1960s—and they seek nothing less than the demise of our constitutional republic. They have now groomed our student bodies to be receptive to the darker suggestions sure to follow today’s events, in enacting the Left’s dangerously subversive agenda. University leadership across the country have to face down what they’ve enabled over the decades—and pressure to rectify it all needs to come from alumni, benefactors, parents and every other stakeholder right now, before the situation decays into irretrievable catastrophe.

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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