• A letter Recently Sent To The Greenwich Board Of Education

    July 11, 2022

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    Guest post


    Dear Board of Education,

    Last week, the National Education Association (NEA) held its annual meeting to debate the vital issues that impact American public education and to set NEA policy and activities for the year ahead.  

    I know that Greenwich Education Association (GEA) is part of NEA.

    So what are the vital issues impacting education and the new policies according to the NEA?

    NEA held a special three-day session on racial and social justice.  A number of resources were included for educators on the subject, including a collection of White Supremacy Culture Resources with links to books like “White Fragility” by Robin D’Angelo — the book that Superintendent Toni Jones passed out to Greenwich educators a couple summers ago — and the Peggy McIntosh White Privilege Survey, which was also administered to Greenwich students a couple years ago.  

    NEA provided extensive LGBTQ+ information, tools, and resources “to support transgender and non-binary students, to be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ history in their classrooms, and to stop LGBTQ+ bias and intolerance in public schools.”  One of the recommendations includes discarding the words “mother” and “father” in order to be more inclusive.  

    You may recall that a teacher at Glenville Elementary School already tried to replace "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day" with "Important Persons Day'' earlier this year, but her effort failed after backlash from parents.

    NEA offered information on what to know about transgender laws with a special focus on sports and gender-affirming health care.  By the way, NEA specifically asserts that, "Republican lawmakers in state legislatures across the country are attacking transgender youth in order to divide us.”  Is the NEA composed of only democrats?

    Additionally, NEA partners with the controversial group, GLSEN, which seems to be the touchpoint for getting the transgender activist agenda into schools.  If you recall, GLSEN also provided a "free" Rainbow Library with highly sexualized books to Greenwich Schools.  The GHS librarian even made a "shrine" out of the Rainbow Library.

    Other topics at the conference included nationwide mandatory masking and mandatory COVID vaccines, taking aim at Florida’s anti-grooming bill, addressing “climate justice” and “environmental racism”,  posting US representatives' and senators’ positions on NEA-supported gun laws, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the presence of systemic “homophobia” and “transphobia” in schools, and alleged “right wing attacks” on school board members.

    That sounds like quite a politically-motivated conference. 

    But it leaves me wondering why this divisive, left-wing political organization is allowed to operate inside our schools.  Especially when most parents I know want nothing more than to depoliticize schools, and focus on academics and learning loss due to Covid.

    Can you please explain to me why you allow such a blatant political activist organization to drive policy inside our schools?  Will Greenwich Schools be adopting any of the radical, politically-biased suggestions detailed by NEA?  

    Parents have a right to know.

    Especially since Superintendent Toni Jones has previously implemented the NEA's recommendations without question.  

    For example, Jones promoted critical race theory-inspired materials, including White Fragility and the Peggy McIntosh Survey, both of which were (and still are) recommended by the NEA.  What's to stop her from implementing more of this radical agenda?  

    She has already implemented controversial social emotional learning (SEL) programs without Board approval, in direct violation of Connecticut Education law and your own Policies and Procedures.  SEL was another NEA agenda item.

    When did the unions take over education policy anyway?  Isn't that your job?

    Parents are sick and tired of seeing schools politicized like this.  We want our schools to focus on academics instead of social justice and cultural Marxism.  

    This divisive political agenda will destroy our schools.



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    HOME SCHOOL and get your kids away from those sick self righteous prigs who believe it is up to them to decided what our children are to be taught. IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK MY FRIENDS WITH WHATEVER YOU HAVE AT YOUR DISPOSAL, AND WE DO MEAN "WHATEVER". Unless we stop them at point blank range we'll have no one to blame but ourselves. The "Establishment has declared war upon the people and conservatives DO NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP, AND WE DO MEAN LIKE YESTERDAY !!!

    Rams Alumn

    I am so relieved someone wrote this letter. I grew up and attended public school in New Canaan, and I now live in the “Greenwich of Chicago” and count many friends who are former cardinals. The same issues are prevalent in the schools here. Almost all the parents here are upset about it (and this area almost exclusively votes for the Democratic Party. For reference, in the last presidential election, the Republican candidate earned 4% of the vote). Even though they are against the extreme and radical ideas being taught, they are too afraid of social and career backlash should they speak out about it. People are paralyzed.
    Having shared the background, I want to encourage my Cardinal friends…..This year, my husband (a top National Trial Attorney), insisted we homeschool our 4th Grade daughter. I was completely overwhelmed at first, thinking it was impossible, but we hired a tutor 3 days a week for 2 hours, and I did the rest of it. IT CAN BE DONE! And the benefits were incredible. Now, I can sleep at night knowing she is growing up without this divisive, hateful poison, and can go through life treating all she encounters (each individual-not grievance groups) with kindness and respect. Her academics were better, and our relationship and our family unit has never been stronger.
    You can do it! (We are just another “normal” busy, career and social life focused family like you). Until we start pulling our children out of these schools in numbers that get attention, the poison curriculum of the extremes will not just stay stutus quo, it will continue to get worse (as we have all seen happen already). Good luck and love to you all!


    Using almost any public school system - including Greenwich's - and most private schools in the present woke climate is parental malpractice. Home school! It doesn't have to be just 'mom in the kitchen' - if you have the means, you can hire tutors to provide what the English used to call a 'private education' or you can band together with other parents to form learning 'pods' much as many parents did during the height of COVID. Even 20 years ago, while our kids were in the Greenwich schools, they had friends in NYC who were home schooled - those home-schooling parents did what we now call pods for science classes and other advanced classes - hiring fully qualified academics (usually PhD) to teach courses in philosophy, history, chemistry and physics. The kids did their arts and music at Manhattan School of Music's or Julliard's Saturday programs, and participated in multiple sports leagues. It can be done. Those kids all went to top colleges and have done very well....


    Do people not realize this is not rational and its largely a mental health issue combined with a religion of darkism? This can no more be "fixed" then the street peopke can be "fixed" by society. No rules, regulations or bylaws can stop the onsloght of evil in the harts and minds of this religion, of death. At this point is it not the parents who ate allowing the take down of their own children? Are they not the ones who are at fault? The idea that any child should be subjected to this wickedness is just as mentally Ill as the underlieing disease itself. Soory but raising your child is your responcibility, don't be angry when others do it for you. Public school is now and always has been an indoctrination into blindness and depravity. Is it not a fact that the parents allow this insaniety to prevail? Were the parents indoctrinated enough to beliveve in fairy tales of education by others for the benfit of the children? Half the country took the VAX when, from the beginning the program was obviously a whirlwind of death and destruction, and evil was ruling the earth? If you can't see now I dought you will ever see and you may end up Hiding in caves.


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    Connecticut Centinal Staff

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