• A Letter To Our Church Leaders Concerning Division And Moral Standpoint — It Is Not About Donkeys And Elephants

    May 6, 2024
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    Dear Church Leaders,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to address two important matters. Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for the care and attention you extend to the body of Christ. Your ministry has been a source of strength during a challenging period, and I am grateful for your dedication to nurturing and supporting the spiritual well-being of our congregation.

    Secondly, I feel compelled to share my concerns regarding the issue of division within our church community, particularly as it relates to recent discussions surrounding the 2020 election and political affiliations.

    While I fully recognize the significance of fostering unity among our congregation, I believe it is crucial for us to delve deeper into the root causes of this division. Merely attributing it to political differences oversimplifies the issue and overlooks more fundamental moral and ethical considerations.

    In my observation, the division we are experiencing is not solely a result of differing political beliefs but rather a reflection of divergent moral values. It troubles me that our focus seems to be on partisan labels rather than on discerning between what is truly right and wrong according to God's word.

    The symbolism of donkeys and elephants in political discourse highlights this issue. Rather than engaging in meaningful dialogue about moral principles, our discussions often devolve into partisan bickering, further exacerbating division within our community.

    I have personally encountered criticism and isolation due to my conservative beliefs, particularly concerning issues such as family values and parental rights. These convictions are deeply ingrained in my faith and guide my actions both within and outside of our church community.

    For instance, I am compelled to speak out against legislative proposals that threaten parental rights and undermine traditional family structures, especially when we witness the beauty of a family dedicating their children to the Lord. It is my firm belief that as Christians, we are called to defend these values and resist societal trends that deviate from God's teachings.

    Like you, I am concerned that our reluctance to engage in discussions on contentious issues and our silence in the face of moral decay may inadvertently allow evil to thrive under the guise of goodness. Therefore, I urge us to engage in open and honest dialogue, grounded in biblical principles, as we navigate these challenging times.

    In conclusion, I respectfully request that our church leadership consider addressing the underlying moral concerns that contribute to division within our congregation. Let us unite in upholding the timeless truths of God’s Word and courageously confront any forces that seek to undermine them.

    My prayer is that our church will serve as a beacon of light to those in positions of authority, guiding them to uphold justice, mercy, and humility in their responsibilities. May they be filled with wisdom and integrity as they strive to support families and safeguard the rights of all citizens. Lord, lead us in the path of righteousness for Your name's sake.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, and may God grant us wisdom and discernment as we seek to fulfill His will.

    Yours sincerely in Christ.

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    the facts dispel conflict or at least those who support lies become visible

    Amy Williams

    I concur

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