• A Signal Call To The Consciences Of Our Nation’s Teachers – ‘Rise Up To Save Our Children’

    November 15, 2022
    School children, half of Polish and half of Italian descent, at a festival in May 1942, Southington, Conn.

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    It turns out the pandemic-driven Zoom classrooms which too many teachers and their unions heartily embraced, and were too reluctant to surrender, released an evil genie – a truth which most assuredly cannot be returned to its bottle.  The resultant parents’ rights movement was born in the fall of ’20, reached ignition in Loudoun County in the spring of ’21, flexed its muscle in the VA governor’s election of ’21, and has now reached critical mass during the national elections of ’22.  Regardless of the power of school boards, teacher unions, mayors, governors, the U.S. Justice Dept, and the FBI, a million animated moms and dads will not be denied.  

    Over this period of the past two years, these parents have awakened to a public school system that has been captured by those who have a pernicious, destructive, and until recently, a largely covert operation to promote a program teaching radically dangerous sexual propaganda to the very youngest of the children within their classrooms.  Regardless of the euphemistic names it is given, be it “Comprehensive Sex Education,” “Social Emotional Learning” “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” or a host of other equally opaque sounding titles, the goal is the same - to groom children into accepting radical forms of sexuality.

    Radical forms of sexuality, taught to children beginning in kindergarten, not only include age-inappropriate material and pictures, but also push a far Leftwing cultural view that normalizes all that was once seen as perverse and castigates as bigoted, mean-spirited, sexually repressed and intolerant all that was traditionally held to be healthy sexual activity.

    Incredibly pornographic books, complete with the most disturbing of images can be found in K-12 public school libraries here in Connecticut.  These books justify, normalize and support the most prurient and often violent sexual content that is completely inappropriate for a public educational institution… that is, an institution where the dissemination of knowledge, and not the spreading of Woke propaganda, is its reason for being.  The public has every right to expect that their local school boards use discretion to decide what books are appropriate for 7-year-olds.  It is local citizens and voters who should make such decisions, not Woke bureaucrats in Washington DC, or the theoreticians of the elite. 

    The Woke radical sex agenda trivializes monogamy, mocks sexual abstinence, demonizes heterosexuality, demeans the traditional Family Values of chastity, modesty and the protection of a young child's innocence, as not only reactionary and outdated, but as dangerously repressive and un-democratic.  It raises abortion to a sacrament, and argues that the path to personal fulfillment is through sexual perversion and dysphoria.  It seeks to normalize and glorify trans-sexuality, pre-marital sex, and child sexual activity including with adults.  It seeks to demonize hetero-normativity.  Under the rubric “Love is Love” all relationships, regardless of their detrimental effects on young minds, are to be regarded as equally healthy and good… and all attempts to limit such activities are condemned as bigoted, repressive, unkind, intolerant and unfair.

    This radical sex education agenda seeks to replace control over the transmission of social and sexual values that have been traditionally secure within the realm of parents, and turn it over to teachers who pedal this propaganda under the guise of being so-called “experts” and “professionals” in Sex Education.  So radical is this program that it justifies “counseling” young and often confused children to undertake irreversible steps that will affect their entire lives, including helping them obtain abortions, encouraging them to act out their gender dysphoria, and even obtain medical services including hormone blockers to delay the secondary sexual aspects of puberty and hideous genital mutilations designed to “help” them “transition” from the sexual gender in which they were born, into that of the opposite sex.  This disgusting seizure of parental rights is described as “help” and “compassion” when in reality it manipulates how sexually-confused young people feel.  It channels that confusion into pressuring psychologically unprepared children into making a grave and permanently life-altering decision.

    This entire subterfuge within the public education system is neither random nor organic.  It is a purposeful agenda playing out along the lines developed by the cultural Marxists. These theoreticians and their acolytes secured an academic foothold through professorships in some of the most revered American universities, particularly Columbia University in New York immediately after World War II.  

    The Italian cultural Marxist, Antonio Gramsci believed that academic intellectuals and academic practices exert a pedagogic hegemony over all teachers and academic institutions.  The aims of the hegemony are to inculcate the values and traditions of the dominant culture to the students, with the objective of perpetuating the culture’s values down through the generations.  Gramsci said: “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity… In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”  His radical, anti-traditional family ideas on cultural hegemony influenced the infamous Frankfurt School in its development of “critical theory,” as espoused by fellow-Marxist Herbert Marcuse in mid-twentieth century America. Critical theory was tailored to the educational system as a methodology to upend the world views protecting the cultural hegemony of the ruling class.  The “New Left,” as defined by Marcuse, permeated teaching programs and teachers’ curricula in the 1950s and ‘60s.  

    From there it spread like a cancer across the nation’s academic landscape.  Indeed, this writer faced the Marxist ‘indoctrination’ first-hand in the History department of the City University of New York in the early 1970s.  The subversion of the primacy of the individual, instead favoring the needs of the collective were already suffusing the lectures of a growing cadre of leftist professors and adjuncts.  This was the birth of the educational nightmare we face today.  Yes, what a younger generation of parents is currently confronting is unfolding as conceived and planned decades ago.

    In today’s public schools, the Education Bureaucracy and Teacher Unions have unilaterally instituted a system of what can only be described as rationalized debauchery, often secretly, without parent knowledge or consent.

    This includes ‘Kinder-Care Sex Ed’ – the teaching of sex education in kindergarten.  "We ought to have comprehensive sex education in our schools, from kindergarten through 12th grade" said Obama’s Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders.  In Alameda County, CA opt-out requests were asked for when the school district enacted a controversial pro-homosexual, bisexual, transgender anti-bullying program for kindergarten and elementary school-aged kids.  When stiff-armed by the school district, incensed parents sued to protect their children from what they considered pornographic material and discussions.

    Here in Connecticut, parents are organizing to oppose a wide range of materials to which they do not want their children exposed.  A very effective group, Greenwich Patriots has been uncovering an astounding array of programs, practices, curricula, and books which their parent members found totally inappropriate for K-12.  To support their position, an independent survey of parents with children in Greenwich public schools revealed nearly 80 percent of parents “felt uncomfortable with GPS’s curriculum choices.”

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    Some of their efforts include organizing to oppose the Connecticut Education Assoc., a teachers union training teachers in Critical Race Theory (CRT) and ‘Implicit Bias’.  The training’s existence was denied by the Greenwich BOE...until Project Veritas videoed an assistant principal admitting it, and indicated efforts were being made to disguise CRT under other names within the broader curricula.  Indeed, the Patriots uncovered that the CRT precepts were imbedded in the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program, where children are taught to see themselves as either privileged or oppressed, to view themselves through the ‘equity’ lens and to make decisions to advance collective needs over individual needs.  Now that is Cultural Marxism, straight from the Marcuse playbook.

    In addition, Greenwich Patriots has stood up to protect the innocence of their children.  They have uncovered an extensive selection of books in their K-12 school libraries which can only be classified as pornographic.  To pretty much deaf ears, they have asked for most to be removed.  In an attempt at pacification, the Schools Superintendent took one book off the middle school library shelf.  In another recent move, the schools will now be implementing a Resource Vetting Rubric to determine the appropriateness of content before releasing materials for student use.  In order to continue progress in this direction, the Patriots will have to continue shining the bright light and heat on the BOE.  If ever it was true, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  These Patriots have been indefatigable and deserve our thanks and support in their continuing struggle to control the Greenwich BOE and protect the innocence of their children.  A national grassroots group that has a CT presence is ‘Moms for Liberty’ at  https://www.momsforliberty.org/chapters/fairfield-county-ct/#events-chapter.  The national leaders get a significant amount of alternative media coverage, and CT parents can get involved through the website.  These groups are doing the Lord’s work and anyone seeking to join the effort can get involved at the linked websites.

    It has become apparent that success in turning back this Cultural Marxism from the outside is a long, tough slog.  So, to gain some acceleration, lets employ a favorite technique of the Marxists themselves, and open a front on the inside to complement the parents’ salvos from the outside – and undermine the entire subversive operation.  Let’s call out to the consciences of the good teachers, trapped within the education system who know in their hearts that the racialization and sexualization of the nation’s school children is wrong and corrosive to a healthy society.   

    We implore these good teachers, cowered by their unions on the inside of the educational system, to begin to identify themselves to each other and organize in secret.  Their numbers could be larger than they imagine.  Once an initial group in a school is identified, an effort should be pursued to recruit and expand their numbers.

    These teachers all know that parents are not getting the academic value for the $23,000 annually per student being spent by the state.  They know that the current curriculum, loaded with Woke ideology training at the expense of serious academics, is failing the children of Connecticut.  Good teachers are coerced and intimidated by the teacher unions which are only focused on accumulating money and exercising power.  The students’ well-being seems an incidental item for the unions.  

    These good teachers should begin to turn themselves into secret whistleblowers, and go to the parents’ advocacy groups with specifics on the subversive racialization and sexualization of all the children under their care.  The parents’ groups will maintain their anonymity, while utilizing the information to prosecute their cases at the public Board of Education meetings, as well as expose it to the communities at large.  Let the community know what the school administrations will not tell its stakeholders and the public.  

    This is a titanic struggle.  The teachers’ unions and administrators have this entire project and their network of power at stake.  Control of our children’s education must be wrested away from them – they will not surrender it.  But if the good teachers band together and rise up, they can be the determining factor, and turn the tide back toward the traditional roles of educators in America.

    Stand up teachers – liberate the schools!

    Bob MacGuffie is co-author of the book ‘The Seventh Crisis – Why Millennials Must Re-establish Ordered Liberty,’ Seventh Crisis which examines and illuminates the historic crisis we currently endure. 



    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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    Donald Lee

    Right on, Bob! I think I'll buy your book.

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