• About The Protection Of Children Event In Westport

    November 3, 2022

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    Dan Woog wrote an article on his “06880” blog about The American Conversations event that took place at Westport Library on Tuesday night.

    The article, "American Conversation”: Vaccines, Pedophilia, Tyranny And More cherry-picked from comments made by the panelists, but failed to mention some important points.

    First of all, he did not mention Bob Hamer’s presence at all.  Bob is a legend, with a well-earned reputation for his undercover work, especially his investigation that detailed the secret tactics and practices that a pedophile normalizing network revealed at its national gatherings and in private discussions.  He spent 26 years undercover with the FBI.

    Nor did he mention Lindy Urso’s appearance on the panel.  Of course, our readers recognize Lindy as one of the brave attorneys fighting to restore the religious exemption in Connecticut.  Why not mention this lawsuit that potentially has national implications?

    Woog mentioned how moderator Christine Dolan was called a racist by one Westport resident.  Dolan countered with the fact that she was a spokesperson for Nelson Mandela’s US tour in 1990.  And Kevin Jenkins added that he’s also been called a white supremacist — which is pretty ironic — but that comment was not mentioned by Woog either. Jenkins is African-American.

    Dr. Peter McCullough received a standing ovation at the beginning for his work bringing to light medical corruption.

    And Woog didn’t mention the powerful video about covid myths that was played at the end of the event, either.  That video was a strong reminder about the propaganda surrounding covid, masks, vaccines and more.  It dispelled 21 myths propagated by the mainstream media, government agencies and many others.  It concluded with the ominous fact that, “you are involved in the most unregulated and unaccountable medical human experiment in the history of mankind.” Seems newsworthy, right?
    But perhaps the most interesting part about the article is the comment section.

    The hatred and divisiveness seen in some of the comments is telling of the national divide between those who take the time to do their research and learn the facts, and those who simply trust the narrative that is being fed to them, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

    P.S.  We want to give a huge shout out to J-Cherry for recording this powerful event. You can watch the full video here.  It’s definitely worth a listen!

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    Amy Williams

    Wow, that was amazingly informative and inspiring! I recommend you do more of these events! Thank you, Christine- young journalists would do well to follow in your footsteps.

    Lorraine Shelley

    Yes. What an honour to have a real old-school investigative journalist in Westport. It was refreshing for once to hear something other than the same tired old views trotted out in this town. Hope Christine will come back to Westport and help us keep shaking things up!

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