• "American Doctor: Coming Home to War" Is A Courageous Book That Should Be Widely Read

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    By Colleen Roberts

    American Doctor: Coming Home to War by John Hughes, M.D., a contributing columnist to Armed Forces Press, is a courageous book that deserves to be widely read and broadly discussed.

    Dr. John Hughes is a third-generation graduate of West Point. He traces his ancestry back to William Gardner Hughes, a militiaman in the American Revolution. Other generations in his family fought in the Civil War and in every subsequent conflict, including his father who served in Vietnam and retired from the U.S. Army as a Colonel.

    John Hughes served as an Infantry officer in Haiti and also did multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During these later deployments, he was positioned as an Army Emergency Physician in forwarding operating bases. After returning home, he later resigned his commission after twenty-three years of service in uniform. Since then, Dr. Hughes has been a practicing ER physician in the United States. He is uniquely qualified to discuss how identity politics, divisive DEI ideologies and indoctrination are now infiltrating our armed services, corrupting the next generation of our military leaders and exerting their malevolent influence to politicize the practice of medicine in the United States. The book’s defining characteristic is the author’s startling candor, especially in view of today’s climate of fear of the repercussions to one’s career. The book is essential reading for all citizens concerned about the dark influence of politics within the military, in the medical community and American society.

    The first half of American Doctor: Coming Home to War focuses on Hughes’s service in the U.S. Army. Numerous personal photographs document the brutal reality of warfare in faraway countries most Americans know little about. The frustrations of dealing with the military bureaucracy and the difficulties of providing compassionate medical care, often underequipped and sometimes in makeshift facilities under the most adverse conditions, are vividly described by the author. The terrible price paid by American service men and women who were killed or severely injured in these wars, as well as innocent children and other civilians who were considered “collateral damage", illustrates the tragedy of American involvement in these two unpopular wars.

    The book is also the story of self-serving politicians at home and ambitious senior military leaders who were sometimes more interested in securing lucrative jobs with private sector defense contractors upon retirement than with the welfare of the troops. From the safety and security of the Pentagon, the leaders who directed the course of these conflicts sent idealistic and brave service members to fight essentially unwinnable wars in hostile countries, rife with tribal animosities dating back thousands of years. The actual goals of these wars were never clearly articulated to the American public, nor were the day-to-day realities of these conflicts accurately reported as the years of our involvement dragged on.

    Ironically, as the title suggests, the battlefield followed John Hughes home to the United States. The second part of this outstanding book focuses on the culture war now devouring our most fundamental freedoms, our institutions and the American medical system. American Doctor: Coming Home to War is an indictment of powerful and influential medical associations such as the American Medical Association (AMA), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) and others. Under pressure from the federal bureaucracy to adhere to its DEI political agenda, these prestigious organizations are now aggressively inserting a racial social justice agenda into the practice of medicine in this country. Today, government regulations, laws and “social influencers” dictate public health policy in the United States, all in an effort to control physicians and YOU, their patients.

    The war being waged against independent minded doctors is meticulously detailed by Hughes with his inclusion of revealing emails and other lengthy correspondence between himself and the leaders of these medical organizations. Physicians are being threatened with having their medical licenses and accreditations revoked by state boards if they express dissenting opinions about COVID 19 and other important medical issues. Many doctors are pressured to alter or recant their scientific findings in their research papers in order to have their studies published in increasingly politicized medical journals.  Annual medical conventions now invite non-scientist keynote speakers to harangue physician attendees about racism, equity and “disinformation”. Medical schools are now lowering their admissions standards and test requirements and opening their doors to underqualified candidates. Even the Hippocratic Oath with its time-honored concept of “Do No Harm” is a target. Some medical schools are allowing graduating classes to modify and write their own versions, thereby transforming them into political statements saturated with aggressive social and environmental justice jingoism.

    His family tradition of service and patriotism is part of John Hughes’s character, and he has now sounded the alarm for us today. In his concluding chapters he addresses the vital role citizens must play to demand accountability from our professions, our politicians and from our government. Together, they have formed an unholy alliance to permanently change the doctor-patient relationship and impose their will on physicians and the American public. As responsible citizens, it is up to us to educate ourselves to recognize the political and ideological assaults on our military, our medical system and our liberty. American Doctor: Coming Home to War is a clarion call to “We the People” that must be answered by each of us if we are to preserve our freedom and our country.  

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