• An Open Letter To Pediatric MDs And OBGYN MDs Servicing My Born And Unborn Grandchildren

    February 8, 2023
    About Restoring The Religious Exemption To Vaccines In CT
    Image by Nate Ivey, PhD

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    I am a concerned grandfather of three with two more on their way.  In this letter, I will refer to the EUA Covid-19 mRNA vaccine, in all its forms, as the “mRNA vaccine”, the “experimental injection” or simply the “injection”.   It has proven to neither be effective in preventing an infection, nor stopping transmission.  

    The CDC has redefined the word “vaccine” twice in the past two years to try to keep up with the failure of this EUA.  The FDA’s “Future Framework,” allowing new formulations of the mRNA vaccine without further clinical-trials, is corrupt and they are heading toward an annual booster.  The FDA supports the injection for children six months and older and is considering making it mandatory for children to enter school.  Their stance is incomprehensible and they are not looking out for the health of my grandchildren.  I was hoping that you guys were.  Unfortunately, I am finding out that this is not the case.

    If you are the MD servicing my born and unborn grandchildren and are not looking at peer-reviewed scientific studies, then you are not properly informed.  Hundreds of them indicate the mRNA vaccine shows no benefit for children.  They show children are not at risk from serious illness from the Covid-19 virus and natural immunity is the best path.  Children are more at risk from short- and long-term side effects from the injection and are more prone to getting the virus after an injection.  

    If you are that MD, and you are merely following the protocol dictated by administrators without questioning their self-serving guidance, then you are doing a disservice to your patients.  By not informing them about the risks of the mRNA vaccine, you are not doing your job. At this point, if you are recommending this experimental injection for any children, especially six-month old children, or children in the womb, you are doing worse.  You are not acting as a Medical Doctor should.  You are abusing the trust in your profession.  What happened to your Hippocratic Oath?  

    Doctors warn pregnant mothers not to consume a single glass of wine, saying it puts their unborn child at risk.  However, some MDs are recommending this experimental injection to pregnant women.

    This does not make any sense and it goes against medical ethics.  Pfizer deliberately excluded pregnant women from their study.  The trial was non-randomized and had no control group (they gave the control group the injection!).  Safety pharmacological studies were never performed for any group in the study, let alone pregnant women.  

    It is outrageous that an MD would recommend these injections to not only my grandchildren but the mother of my unborn grandchildren.  It is now common knowledge the spike protein and lipids are passed to the unborn through the placenta, and newborns are getting it from their mother’s milk.  There is plenty of worldwide peer-reviewed evidence that the pathogen is accumulating in the ovaries of women and in the testicles of men and contributing to infertility.  All sorts of adverse events are being caused by this EUA mRNA vaccine.  This was known before it was released!

    Pfizer tried to keep their clinical-trial data from the public for a period of 75 years.  In January of 2022, they were finally ordered by a Federal Court to release over 300k pages of their data, 55k pages per month.  There are now 54 reports published analyzing their primary sourced documentation.  Pfizer, the FDA, and the CDC have been lying to us; they all have known all along.  

    Among a voluminous list of adverse events in the trials, there were 61 deaths from strokes from taking the mRNA vaccine in the first 3 months of the Pfizer studies.  16% were reproductive disorders in women.  An abnormally high percentage of women, who became pregnant during the trials, ended in a miscarriage.  I recommend all pediatricians read the 54th report which has just been released.  What happened to the children, after getting this experimental injection, is staggering!

    Countries from around the world have banned the use of this injection for children.  The recent Cleveland Clinic study of 51k health care workers confirms that the more injections you get, the worse the outcome.  The EKGs of pilots are no longer normal and the FAA had to redefine acceptable parameters.  All-cause mortality and disability in the age group of 18 to 64 is up by a staggering percentage.  This is from actuarial data in the USA, Germany, Scandinavia, Iceland, and Israel.  In addition, did you review our DOD’s DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database), that is before they started scrubbing it, showing harm to our soldiers?

    Our government is still turning a blind eye among an increasing number of health professionals calling for the immediate suspension of the mRNA vaccines.  Most recently, Prof. Retsef Levi from MIT (joining Dr. Harvey Risch MD, PhD from Yale) is calling for the suspension of these injections.  There is a plethora of data and studies from other countries -- England, Israel, Denmark, Australia, Iceland, Switzerland and most recently Germany; which are all showing harm from these EUA mRNA vaccines.

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    I am merely a grandfather.  If I can see the plain truth, what is wrong with you guys?  According to a recent Rasmussen poll, it is not just me, 28% of Americans know of someone they believe died from the injection.  How could you possibly recommend this injection to anyone, let alone our children?  If a grandfather can read and interpret the peer-reviewed studies and come to the obvious conclusion that the mRNA vaccines should be taken off the market for the general public, especially children, then you as a medical doctor and a scientist are ignoring the obvious.  Please ask yourself; “am I following my Hippocratic Oath - giving the patient informed consent, doing no harm, and treating the symptoms early?”

    If you cannot properly assess risk and communicate it clearly to your patient, then you should not be a doctor.  Look for another profession where you are less likely to harm someone. The box insert that comes with the mRNA vaccine is still blank!  Do your job, look for yourself.  Stop listening to those who are telling you to recommend this injection to my grandchildren.  If you are lost under the cloud of pressure to enforce a protocol, just do some research on your own.  If you cannot follow the science, resign as a doctor.  

    California’s new law (CA AB2098) threatens a doctor’s license if they question protocol.  Is this where we are headed?  You might be in the wrong profession!  Many older Doctors are retiring.  Maybe you fear the powers that be will come down on you.  Well, I am fearful for my grandchildren, born and unborn.  Talk amongst yourselves and stick together.  What are they going to do, fire you all!  Have some courage!  Speak out for the sake of our children.  If something happens to my grandchildren, born or unborn, I along with millions of others will eventually hold you, as the licensed professional, responsible.  When that time comes, you will not have plausible deniability.


    A Concerned Connecticut Grandfather


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    Amy Williams

    Amen, Sir! Thank you, for speaking the truth!


    Thank you for your thorough research and well written letter.
    It's hard to imagine how the MDs recommending this experimental injection for children sleep at night.
    This insanity must end before more children are injured.
    I pray reason prevails soon.


    Thank the lord people are waking up to the effects of this still unapproved so called “vaccine”. Sadly our government has been compromised by enemies of the United States and even worse it’s all for money and our money on top of it.
    There’s an excellent video available on the EPOCH TIMES that shows how this little state has been under control of communist’s for decades, I will try to leave a link to it. I must say I had no idea how many literal card carrying communists there are in Ct. it’s like a breeding ground for communism. Republicans actually grabbed a few seats throughout Ct. last November and I’m sure it came as a surprise to the left. I only hope enough people are tired enough to get out and vote for change in future elections but it must be enough to catch those in control off guard to beat the corruption in our voting system.

    How a Tiny Communist Party Took Over the Politics of a Whole American State


    To: “staff writer” author of this article.
    I thought you might like to read this article since it shows the left will become more radical as you know. They will change the dictionary to circumvent the Constitution if necessary.


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