• ARVOY: Greenwich, Protect Your Town.

    October 27, 2023
    Binney Park, Old Greenwich.

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    By Paul Arvoy, Stamford Resident.

    I would like to share with you some insights on how a city, taken over by false narratives and residents who kept quiet, has been eviscerated from being a thriving business and residential city. Recently, a diverse group of residents consisting of Republicans, Democrats and members of the Stamford community came together to try and take back our city. We need a miracle.
    Stamford, a Democrat run city, is an example of how a community can be divided by a party that doesn't run on policy but runs by demeaning anyone that opposes their direction or does not comply with their narrative. This issue extends well beyond the border lines that separate our cities and towns. This is an overreach of mandates being handed down to our communities through a Democrat stronghold in Hartford and implemented by a Democrat stronghold in Stamford.
    Powerful Democrats in Stamford are sidelining even other Democrats who have a different opinion and filling positions with compliant officials. Stamford residents failed to stand up to this for decades and are paying a hefty price to save our community from Hartford and from being silenced. 
    Currently, Stamford struggles with retaining large and small retail establishments along with desperately needed corporate headquarters that were once a staple of our thriving community. Empty retail space that continues to grow at an alarming pace is being filled with Stamford's new venture of smoke shops and marijuana dispensaries. This new brand of retail is creating fewer jobs, increasing crime and making our streets and communities unsafe.

    Greenwich, you still have a chance.

    Stand for your children's education. Continue to be engaged and hold your Superintendent accountable. Make sure that your Board of Education (BOE) is doing the same. Your BOE is the Superintendent’s oversight not their facilitator. Demand transparency. Expect a rigorous curriculum that is based on meritocracy. Engage in your child's education because quality education determines their successful future.

    Stand for your families. Some Democrat legislators believe that your children are the state's responsibility and not yours. Your elected officials, bureaucrats, and school districts can enact policies that undermine your rights as parents and make life-changing decisions for your child. This misguided belief needs to be met with strong push back. Demand schools get back to education and put an end to indoctrination. This blatant disregard of parents, deceitfully separating parents from children, is sheer madness. Protect your family.

    Stand for your community. You built your community. People coming in have a responsibility to strengthen your community, not take over. When you are afraid to be who you are, say what you want and share your beliefs for fear of being silenced, you know your community has been breached. A weak community has no choice but to push back on a continual basis or relent. Give up and you will become like Stamford.

    You don't have to look any further than 1 exit and a 10-minute drive to see firsthand how a powerful Democrat run city becomes eviscerated with declining education, struggling retail, housing complexes, divided communities, silenced residents and increasing taxes. Greenwich residents, I am seeing this firsthand and watching it creep into your community. I am an outsider looking in Greenwich, and you still have a chance. Make it count.

    Republican candidates are your allies. Republicans are going to ask you for your vote on November 7th. Be proud and vote for the Greenwich you are. A diverse, well-run town with 100+ year Republican leadership and low taxes.

    I am Paul Arvoy, a registered Stamford Democrat, who has been silenced by Democrats in power for going against their narrative. Thank you for reading.

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    Jan Greenhawk

    This is a great article. While our town is smaller and doesn't have our own education system, etc. we are being stonewalled and demeaned by a small group of local "oligarchs" who are offended that the regular citizens speak up.


    Local action is the only way we can have an effect. But, the party names are misleading. We either stand for the Constitution or Communism. Using "R" and "D" is just confusing the issue. I wouldn't vote automatically for either. Have them sign a public pledge that they will support the US and state Constitutions, THEN think about supporting them.

    The chosen picture shows chemtrails, That is another thing that the candidates must be pledged against.

    B Seidem

    Well!? What exactly are you suggesting? Recover your city with the vote? Not working so well with the corrupt democrat organisation stealing the vote en mass. The guillotine waits.

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