• ARVOY: Misplaced Priorities Attempting To Erase American History In Stamford Public Schools

    January 25, 2024
    Public Domain.

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    Submitted by Paul Arvoy

    The Stamford Board of Education has removed Veterans Day and Columbus Day from the Stamford Public Schools holiday school calendar. While our district is in complete disarray, this is what the Board is focused on... misplaced priorities, while proficiency levels of our students are well below average, destroying education with the division brought forth with DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion).  

    Columbus Day is the celebration of the founding of America. This is a federal and cultural holiday. 

    Veterans Day is a celebration for Americans who risked their lives to defend America and freedom. This is a federal and cultural holiday. 

    Selfless service chosen by young Americans that we celebrate with a day off out of respect. We do not need to have a specific reason other than it's a cultural and federal holiday that represents our appreciation to these wonderful warriors that keep us safe around the world. 

    Eighteen-year-olds who chose to join and serve our country have more courage than Stamford’s Board of Education members who voted to remove these holidays. 

    When we say the pledge of allegiance we are professing respect and love for our country. When we say the pledge we are supporting these 18-year-old heroes that leave their family to protect our country. 

    Above is the watch with the bullet that saved my great-grandfathers life while he was serving selflessly for his country. An Italian immigrant who appreciated America and what it stands for, while risking his life for strangers to live in freedom. If he passes on that day, a complete family bloodline is erased. 

    That’s what Veterans Day stands for.

    This is a disgraceful and disrespectful exclusionary action taken by the Stamford Board of Education.

    I demand the holidays be reinstated immediately.

    This is America. This is an American holiday. We have no need to explain this to anyone. 

    Once again, above is the watch that saved my great-grandfathers life. He was an Italian immigrant who served for the beliefs he fostered living in his brand new country, America! This is why we celebrate these holidays with days off. This why these holidays must be on the holiday school calendar.

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    Lynda Trefry

    Columbus Day has nothing to do with the founding of America. Columbus never set foot on what is now the continental United States. If you're not clear on that basic fact, I have some very good books to recommend that could help you. One of my favorites to share is American Nations, by Colin Woodard. It's geared toward the average reader and I promise will leave you knowing infinitely more about the US and why it is the way it is, and why we will never truly be "united" states,

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