• ARVOY: People Who Have Questions About The 2020 Elections And J6 Are Not Election Deniers

    November 4, 2023
    January 6th, 2021, Public Domain.

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    Please hang in and read this. Its is important information for the future of our countries safety and civility going forward into the future.

    It's believed that on September 11, 2001, the intended target of the Shanksville plane was the Capital building. This is a documented belief. 

    This was real terrorism, being perpetrated by real terrorists on our soil, barreling towards our Capital building. 

    Twenty-two years later, our leaders who are led by our current President want to give a plea deal to the actual terrorists that planned to "destroy" the Capital building on September 11, 2001, which was heroically saved by patriotic Americans that didn’t have a care for what political party to which they belonged.

    In the mean time, the Patriots that had every right to protest the 2020 election legally on January 6th, who were marching and waving American Flags, peacefully and unarmed, to protest for the legal actions that the Vice President of the United States of America could have taken to recall the electorate, now are facing unreasonable, serious jail time for protesting. 

    Despite what the Vice President at the time continues to espouse, he is totally misleading, there is a legitimate process in place to recall electors and bring them back to the table. There were two members from the house and one member from the senate to begin the legal process. The Democrats have done this openly in many previous elections only to be denied for Constitutional reasons. 

    2020 produced Constitutional reasons to question the electorate and this threatened the perpetrators of possible election interference. 

    While our current elected leaders are contemplating a plea deal for a documented, direct terrorist attack that was thwarted by patriotic Americans, our government is jailing patriotic Americans, with no plea deals, for a protest that could never have destroyed the Capital building. 

    These patriotic Americans are receiving prison terms that are decades long, with no plea deals for exerting their Constitutional rights to protest an election that had incorporated so many questionable changes to our elections and obvious strange happenings in critical swing states that turned a close election into a win for the party that is falsely attempting to jail a former President which has never happened in our country and only happens in banana republics where there is no Constitution to lead a free republic. So let’s set aside the rhetoric. Let the truth be told. 

    With critical information of the events of January 6th being suppressed by a partisan government committee, the absolute truth of what happened on that day is yet to be told. [But it's supposed to come out soon.]

    As I am a free American with first amendment rights , I have the ability to totally disagree with the findings coming from a committee of elected officials with hate in their hearts, not the want to find out the truth for peace and civility to move on from a contentious election, that to this day still has many questions looming over the way we came to an outcome in 2020. 

    This is not election denial that can be espoused on certain Americans as criminal and in our country you can deny an election until you are blue in the face, go back and watch all the Democrats that to this day are still denying their election losses. 

    Denying an election is not an existential threat, and neither is a peaceful protest. It is our first amendment right to question the outcome of anything in this country that we feel must truly be spoken about and investigated factually and openly. 

    The people who have questions about the 2020 elections are not election deniers but are Americans exercising their first amendment rights unlike the people on the opposite end of the spectrum who want to criminalize the action of our first amendment as Americans. 

    Maybe there was another side to this story and we have the right to think and question that until we get truthful answers or not.

    My opinion is January 6th began as an actual peaceful protest and turned into something else, this is not election denial although I have the right to deny the election, it’s my personal opinion that I can have with no criminal backlash. 

    Getting back to January 6th. Compared to the actual terrorist attack that cut thousands of innocent American lives short with a sudden ambush on our country, January 6th should never be conflated with September 11. January 6th was pale in comparison to the plans that the real terrorists had in mind for everyone in our country and for our elected officials who were present at the Capital building on September 11th, 2001.

    They are jailing peaceful protesters with no plea deal while giving a plea deal to terrorists who killed thousands of Americans and changed our country forever. Besides the fact that Antifa and BLM burned downed cities and government property without being arrested along with winning lawsuits for mistreatment by police that total in the millions. Wake up people. This can not continue. We have the right to deny everything and anything until death in this country without fear of retribution especially from our government. We have the right of equal protection under the law. We have the right to fund police to protect our communities from out of control protesters that disregard property and life. We also have the right to be infuriated because of private entities that are doing the bidding for our government. 

    While I am discussing January 6th and the fact that election interference might have been a reality in the 2020 presidential election, along with possibly many other elections including local elections, while these January 6th protesters sit in jail to this day November 3rd 2023, we have proof of factual election interference overturning an election in Bridgeport, CT. We have a former Stamford Democrat leader of the DCC jailed for forging names on ballots. It’s not that there wasn’t abuse of our election system that might have benefitted certain candidates. It’s just that they weren’t caught. Free the January 6th protesters. Give them a deal not the terrorists that came so close to actually destroying the capital. 

    It is disturbing that in 2023 I had to write this letter that can be titled “What Happened to Freedom and Common Sense.” We need to get back to family, respect, morals, values, religion and personal freedoms to guide us to a civil prosperous future for the greatest country on the face of the earth for all people, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! On the 22nd anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history, God bless the families that were affected by this tragedy and God Bless America and Peace to all mankind. Thank you. 

    Submitted by Paul Arvoy
    Stamford, CT

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