• Attack On Justice Thomas For Receiving A Dallas Cowboy Ring As A Gift Is A Joke

    The Problem Is That This Ring Is Worthless.

    Justice Clarence Thomas, Public Domain.

    Liberal outlets such as ProPublica tried to intimidate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for accepting vacations from billionaire Harlan Crow. It failed. Now the latest attack on Justice Thomas is that he accepted a Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl ring from billionaire team owner Jerry Johnson. This will fail too.

    The Democrats missed their chance to derail Justice Thomas’s nomination in 1991 by fabricating a sexual harassment charge that he deftly parried by calling the accusation a “high-tech lynching.”

    Joe Biden, who was head of the judiciary committee and a Pennsylvania native, should have known better and taken advantage of a much more potent issue: Justice Thomas admitted he was a Dallas Cowboy fan. Then the questioning would gone as follows:

    Senator Biden: Justice Thomas, do you recall the events of January 18, 1976?

    Justice Thomas: I have no recollection.

    Senator Biden: Well, let me refresh your memory. That was the day America’s team coached by the Bible-thumping Tom Landry and led by God’s personal quarterback Roger Staubach played the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.

    Justice Thomas: Please Senator. Is this necessary?

    Senator Biden: Oh, it most certainly is. Now do you remember?

    Justice Thomas: Please Senator. Let’s talk about something less painful such as your sexual harassment charge against me. Maybe Anita Hill can testify again.

    Senator Biden: I’ll tell you what happened? SPLAT. Ignominious defeat. And do you recall what happened January 21,1979?

    Justice Thomas: Please Senator. I can’t stand the humiliation. Bring Anita Hill back. Please.

    Senator Biden: No Justice Thomas. We are just getting started.

    Justice Thomas: You win! You win! I can’t stand the humiliation! I withdraw my nomination.

    Liberals having missed this golden opportunity are trying to salvage a victory by positing that the gift of a Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl ring is a bribe. But a bribe is defined as giving something valuable in return for a favor. It may well be that Thomas should have recused himself in some case that Jones had before the Supreme Court. I have no idea. But the fact remains that Thomas was given nothing of value.

    If the liberals had bothered to go on Ebay like I did and placed “Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl Ring” in the search engine, they would have seen the following picture.

    Screenshot, Ebay.

    Note that the price of the ring is -$1,000. What does this mean? It means that the owner of this accursed object is willing to pay $1,000 (shipping included) to anyone who will take it! Also note that there are no bids.

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    Now liberals may respond that Thomas could still melt the ring down for its gold content. What they are unaware of is that Justice Thomas actually tried to do so and as luck would have it, we have the audio that accompanied the surveillance video with the following exchange.

    Jeweler: How may I help you Sir?

    Justice Thomas: I would like to melt down this ring for its gold content.

    Jeweler [after inspecting ring]: I am sorry Sir; I can’t help you.

    Justice Thomas: Why? What do you mean?

    Jeweler: I refuse to work on Dallas Cowboy rings.

    Justice Thomas: That’s discrimination.

    Jeweler: I don’t know if you are aware of this Sir, but there was a recent Supreme Court decision in which the Court ruled that a Christian woman who designed web pages did not have to create a site for a gay wedding. If that is the case, I certainly don’t have to do something as ignominious as working on a Dallas Cowboy ring.

    Liberals may have had chance if Steeler owner Art Rooney had given Justice Thomas a Steeler Super Bowl ring. But Justice Thomas’s supporters would have pointed out that this ring is not particularly valuable because there are so many of them.

    But liberals should not despair. Rather than foolishly pointing out some non-existent bribe, they should merely state that Justice Thomas is a Dallas Cowboy fan. That in itself is an impeachable offense.



    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna

    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna is an ophthalmologist in private practice who ran for Congress and US Senate in Connecticut. You can subscribe to his Substack here: https://substack.com/@jfbentivegna

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    wouldn't it be refreshing if Democrats ever went back to debating an issue...you know...defending their position? Now they just try to destroy EVERY opponent they engage. It's just sad. Have they no faith in their own beliefs?

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