Attempt To Foster Civil Education Discussion In Stamford Reveals Hidden Bias

October 23, 2022

Stamford Education Leadership Gives 'Education Roundtable' Lukewarm Attention

Postcard: Stamford High School in Stamford, Connecticut, 1910

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Across the nation, educating children has become a lightning rod for parental involvement as school districts have been found promoting policies that put children in danger, physically and emotionally.

Communities around the country are finding their own ways of addressing the problem head on.

Stamford is no exception, as the Stamford Education Roundtable is to be held Monday evening.

A roundtable is being organized [in Stamford] for Oct. 24 to foster an open dialogue on education, including grading policies, tutoring, tests and attendance — topics that have recently sparked controversy in the community, writes The Connecticut Examiner.

The roundtable is a response to a chain of events that roiled the district last year. A proposed scheduling change at the high schools led to protests from students, votes of no-confidence  from teachers and a firm rejection from the building principals before it was finally shelved at the end of last year. Methods of grading have also been called into question, particularly an initiative that some teachers have piloted known as “grading for equity.” In June, the district decided not to extend Superintendent Tamu Lucero’s contract to June of 2025. 

The creators of the event have been shocked at the lack of support from the professional education community.

It is inexplicable that the BOE, SEA and Stamford Public Schools Central Office will not promote the Roundtable, which is unequivocally an entirely unobjectionable and relevant community discussion about important education topics of great importance to SPS, declared Ken Goldberg, a Stamford Public Schools parent and Stamford Education Roundtable Planning Team Member.

As I have repeatedly noted to the powers that be (who have been informed via multiple emails, meetings, and in person) the Roundtable's singular purpose is to foster civic discourse and facilitate community dialogue by learning from an ideologically diverse group of prominent experts, and NOT in any way to finger point or attack SPS leadership.

SPS leadership explicitly told the SEA teachers union NOT to distribute STAMFORD EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE flyers to teachers via school email.

The SPS Central Office, BOE, Ferguson Library, and other institutions are intentionally hampering promotion efforts, presumably because they are afraid of the community hearing a genuinely open dialogue about important education topics.  

Education leaders must be exposed for their inexplicable stance.

The event is October 24 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Ferguson Public Library in Stamford. It will also be available via Zoom. You may register for the event here.


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One comment on “Attempt To Foster Civil Education Discussion In Stamford Reveals Hidden Bias”

  1. The problems with the U.S. educational system, from kindergarten through the universities, began after WWII and they were an intentional attack on human society on the part of elite institutions with an anti-human agenda (the global capitalist class). Yes, hold public forums and discussions: it's very important that people do this. However, you shouldn't be surprised by the opposition of those who are in the system. They couldn't have graduated from college or gotten their jobs without internalizing the agenda of the ruling class.

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