• Bernegger Accuses Biden Of Criminally Laundering Money Into His Own Campaign By "Smurfing"

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    Peter Bernegger keeps dropping bombshells.

    Today he asserted that, "Biden is the no.1 person in the nation who is criminally laundering huge sums of money into his campaign" through a process known as "smurfing".

    The scam involves the identity theft of thousands of individuals known as “smurfs” who unknowingly make numerous small donations to mostly liberal and RINO PACs, committees or directly to candidates’ campaigns, in order to launder large sums of money.  

    More than $200M has been laundered so far, and many of the smurfs are entirely unaware their names and addresses are being used to make political donations.  Smurfs tend to be primarily white, retired, liberal, and middle to lower economic class.  

    Trump knows all about Bernegger's work on smurfing, too.

    Screenshot, Truth Social

    And so does CDM contributor Chris Gleason who has played a big part in the smurfing project, along with other great Patriots.

    Bernegger is excited to report that big news is coming, "we almost have the state of Michigan done on Smurfing."

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