• Bernegger: "More Evidence It Was Sovereign Fraud"... And Connecticut Is On The List!

    2020 Election Results By County. Public Domain.

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    Peter Bernegger, an Independent Journalist and the President of Election Watch, Inc., is highlighting what he calls "sovereign fraud" in the 2020 election.

    As evidence, he cites a memo signed on November 13, 2020, by 19 Democrat Attorneys General, including Connecticut Attorney General William Tong.

    The memo directed to The Honorable William Barr said, "The 2020 election is over, and the people of the United States have decisively chosen a new President. It is in this context that we express our deep concerns about your November 9 memorandum entitled: "Post-Voting Election Irregularity Inquiry."

    The memo went on to explain the group's concern over investigating election fraud, suggesting that any such directive would have "potentially corrosive effects on the electoral process" in "our democracy".(Note that the U.S. is a "constitutional republic" not a democracy.)

    "But, so far, no plausible allegations of widespread misconduct have arisen," alleged the 19 AGs who expressed their strong objection to pursuing any allegations of 2020 election fraud.

    "While we are confident any such investigation will not succeed in overturning the election's outcome, we believe that using the Department of Justice to stoke these efforts will come at the terrible cost of undermining trust in the democratic institutions on which this country depends," asserted the 19 AGs.

    "The memo [from Barr] permitted federal agencies such as the FBI and federal prosecutors to investigate election fraud," said Bernegger.

    "The nineteen state AG's demanded the memo be scrapped," said Bernegger who exposed one of those AGs, Wisconsin's Josh Kaul, for allegedly criminally laundering money into campaigns. Now Bernegger is going after ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center, in the state of Wisconsin.

    In the same post, Bernegger also alleged that Joe Biden planted a federal DOJ insider into Alvin Bragg's office in order to prosecute Donald Trump.

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    Paul A

    We know they are compromised and ignorant people who have implanted themselves in government. This is not America and we know it. One day we are not going to put up with this crap and we will take our country from these bureaucratic clowns.


    What is sovereign fraud?

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