• BEWKES: Red Signs Are Red Flags In Stamford

    November 7, 2023
    Bradley Bewkes

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    I'm asking you to take a minute and think about the big picture. Giant RED VOTE NO banners on properties owned by large developers are popping up everywhere. Huge signs are placed around Harbor Point, emails are being sent to tenants in the luxury buildings, flyers are put in public spaces, all warning everyone to STOP the Charter Revisions.

    You should stop - you should stop and think about the bigger picture of what is happening in Stamford.

    In Stamford, you, the taxpayer, the resident, are paying big bucks - for our budget to balloon at a chilling pace.

    Has your block received the attention it needs from the City? Are your streets repaired? Are there thousands of low-income families that now have affordable apartments in luxury buildings?


    A City official, on a panel last week at Faith Tabernacle, cited that over the last 8 years, 150 deeply affordable units were built along with 3500 market units. WOW - so we are only building 18 deeply affordable units each year?!? With all the resources we have in Stamford? That is a real shame. Luxury development is widening the wealth gap in Stamford, when everyone actually wants to narrow it.

    It is that simple. The development status quo isn't working in Stamford.

    A few things to remember about Stamford development as you ponder your vote next week:

    Remember when the Administration allowed a developer to TEAR DOWN the BOATYARD?

    Remember when the Administration wanted to SELL the GLENBROOK COMMUNITY CENTER to a DEVELOPER (especially when other cities were getting millions of dollars of state funding for their own community centers?)

    Remember when the Administration went to Hartford, without anyone knowing, and TOOK YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE AWAY on Planning and Zoning changes including eminent domain?

    Remember how this whole fight over Charter Revision is about keeping EXPIRED PEOPLE on the Planning and Zoning Boards?

    Remember when the City took someone's property via EMINENT DOMAIN and then the developer felt so inclined to build on it without approval?

    Remember when the Administration wanted to hand over our SCHOOL BUILDINGS to a DEVELOPER?

    We can have - we deserve - a much better environment around development in Stamford. So many other cities do it much better. There should be an environment around development that includes the community in decisions - not just a few elites. It should value a true mix of buildings that attract a mix of people. It should be one that truly supports lower and middle class residents. The environment around development should be one that doesn't raise your taxes, but lowers them.

    Voting YES for the Charter Revisions means a more transparent, accountable government that will put more emphasis on smart development, deeply affordable housing, lowering your tax burden, and making decisions with you in mind.

    If you haven't educated yourself about the Charter Revisions. Please visit:


    Submitted by Bradley Bewkes

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