• Biden Fundraiser In Greenwich Draws Peaceful Protest: First It Was MAGA, Then Pro-Palestine Protestors

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    Trump supporters showed up hours before President Joe Biden was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser at the Greenwich, CT, home of Richard Pleplar, the former CEO of HBO.

    "We're here to support our president, Donald J. Trump," said rally organizer Palin Smith, a former Greenwich resident who now lives in Woodbury, CT.

    "The patriots in Connecticut are just as good as the patriots in Texas, Tennessee, or South Carolina, or Florida. There may not be as many of us as they are in those other states, but we are just as passionate," Smith said to the Greenwich Time.

    Nearly three dozen Trump supporters lined both sides of King Street, which straddles the New York - Connecticut border, including U.S. Congressional candidate Bob MacGuffie who is hoping to win a Republican primary in August so he can square off against Democrat Jim Himes.

    Himes was listed on the host committee for the fundraiser along with Governor Ned Lamont and his wife Annie, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, former Senator Chris Dodd, Steve Mandel (who hosted a Biden fundraiser last year in Greenwich), Shonda Rhimes, and several others.

    Trump supporters flew flags, hung a huge banner, and cheered at passing cars. The response was nearly all positive. People honked, waved and yelled back "I love Trump!" and "Trump won" and "Biden sucks". A lot of people even slowed down to talk to the protestors and bond over their mutual hatred for Biden and how rapidly he is destroying the country.

    At one point the supporters on the shady side of the street started to chant "Let's Go" and the sunny side responded "Brandon".

    When the Biden motorcade approached at 6:40pm, the crowd got more lively and creative with their chants.

    "Sleepy Joe has got to go!" "Biden you're a crook!" "Crooked Joe, lock him up!" "When did you stop showering with your daughter?" and of course "TRUMP 2024!"

    The Trump crew packed up and headed home after the Biden motorcade was out of sight.

    They actually left the protest area cleaner than when they arrived, picking up some stray trash left on the side of the road, the epitome of a peaceful protest.

    After the Trump supporters cleared out, another smaller, but much louder group arrived to protest Biden, a pro-Palestinian group. Louder because this group, which allegedly had a role in organizing the Gaza solidarity protests at Yale, brought their own loudspeaker to chant for a "free Palestine."

    Biden's motorcade headed back to the airport just after 8pm.

    Meanwhile, Palin Smith promised there are more pro-Trump rallies in store for Connecticut, starting with one in Brookfield on Father's Day.

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