• Biden's Debate Performance "May Have Been Bad" But Sen. Blumenthal Still Supports Him

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    U.S. Senator Richard "Da Nang Dick" Blumenthal came to Biden's defense after a disastrous performance at last night's debate with Donald Trump.

    In an interview earlier today, Blumenthal was asked by local Connecticut Fox News reporter Matt Caron if he thought Biden should remain at the top of the ticket.

    "I watched the debate last night, and one night's debate performance is not a measure of a candidate or a man," responded Blumenthal. "This election is about more than one debate performance. And it may have been bad. It's about the next four years."

    He then accused Donald Trump of "spewing falsehoods" without providing any details on what exactly the falsehoods were, and reaffirmed his support of Biden.

    Carron pushed Blumenthal on the hypocrisy over his hint that Justice Sotomayor should step aside over concerns about her age and health, while at the same time ignoring concerns about Biden's age and health.

    Blumenthal is 78. Biden is 81. And Sotomayor just turned 70 years old a few days ago.

    "Well," said Blumenthal, "they are two different people in two different positions."

    Then he kind of danced around the subject a little longer before pivoting to Biden's performance in Normandy, which he described as "strong and elegant."

    Here's a reel from the D-Day event so you can see exactly how "strong and elegant" Biden is when he attempted to sit in an invisible chair, when he was "walking like a corpse", and more.

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