• Biden’s Political Playbook

    May 12, 2024
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    It was sainted President Barack Obama who was credited in a Politico piece in 2020 with having said about his Vice President Joe Biden, “Never underestimate Biden’s ability to f***k things up.” The quote was attributed to an unnamed Politico source, but it comes down to us fresh as the day it was uttered, mainly because President Joe Biden has valiantly continued to screw things up.

    Robert Gates, who served in both the Bush and Obama administrations as Secretary of Defense, retiring in 2011, said of Biden, “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades.”

    A botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that surrendered Bagram Air Force base to the Taliban was a major screw up. An average of the year-over-year inflation rate for all months during the Biden administration of 5.7 percent is a major screw up. The same rate under Biden’s predecessor was 1.9 percent, according to Investopedia. Biden perversely seems not to understand the relationship between extravagant spending, the printing of money, the borrowing of money and inflation.

    The total number of migrants who crossed into the U.S. illegally during Biden’s administration is estimated to be around 7.2 million, exceeding the individual populations of 36 states, a major screw up.

    Biden has become more treacherous than Gore Canyon in the upper Colorado River, a favorite spot for white water rafters. And his strategy for securing the White House in a second term has fallen upon hard times. Putting aside the numerous tendentious and questionable judicial assaults on his Republican presidential opponent, former President Donald Trump -- only one of which may be tried in court before the 2024 presidential election, but not resolved in appellate courts until after the national election -- Biden is clearly faltering in most polls on crucial issues.

    Like former President Barack Obama before him, President Joe Biden is relying on a number of strategies to re-win the presidency.

    Obama ran for office as a left of center liberal, and he relied heavily upon what might be called Democrat Party inertia to ferry him into the White House.

    Sensing he had a lock on the Democrat Party, Obama was free to make overtures to outer-rim, epicentric Democrats. These Democrats, added to the substantial ranks of the Democrat Party proper, would provide him with the electoral votes needed to secure the presidency. Taken together, it is nearly impossible to detect the fingerprints of liberal Democrat John F. Kennedy on the Obama-Biden neo-progressive, new model Democrat Party.

    Obama’s strategy worked almost flawlessly. Once in office, he won two terms by governing as a somewhat cautious leftist.

    Following the Obama administration, both the center of The Democrat Party and its epicenter moved further left, some would say radically left. The party’s new neo-progressive center has, with the blessings of numerous leading Democrats now overcome its traditional liberal base.

    Biden campaigned and governed as a leftist Democrat, “the most dangerously radical President in US history,” according to historian and polemicist Victor Davis Hanson.

    Biden’s seemingly on-again-off-again love affair with Israel is a major screw up. Biden, who presented himself at the beginning of the Hamas-Israeli war as a man pledged, along with Israel, to the destruction of Hamas in Gaza, is now, on the eve of an Israeli victory, withdrawing from a full throated support of Israel in the hope of what? – preserving a rump of Hamas, both a terrorist group and the government of Gaza, within shooting distance of Israel,  so that, at some time in the near future, the Iran supported intifada against Israel may resume as it has for the last three decades unchecked, with murderous and genocidal intent?

    Sacrificing Israel to a future bristling with terrorists in return for a handful of Hamas votes from idiot Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale will not go down to history as Biden’s finest hour.

    Such political burnt offerings are the marks of cowards and immoralists.

    In the meanwhile, has anyone heard disavowals from prominent Democrat members of Connecticut’s all-Democrat U.S. Congressional Committee?

    Years ago, U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal called upon Biden to supply jets to a besieged Ukraine. In the case of both Ukraine and Israel, the Biden administration is committed to defensive measures only that never have, in the whole of human history, resulted in a battlefield victory. One cannot depend upon walls only to defend a castle without effective offensive measures.

    When Biden declared a few days ago that he was pausing congressionally approved military shipments to Israel until such time as the Netanyahu administration would agree to pointless negotiations and an unworkable “two-state solution,” prominent Jews in the U.S. Congress such as Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York Representative Jerry Nadler and Connecticut’s’ U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal were, to their shame, stricken dumb.

    Given their shameless silence – blessed by a politically corrupt United Nations -- Israel cannot in the future defend itself from a political mob pledged to destroy it.

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    Don Pesci

    Don Pesci is a political columnist of long standing, about 40 years, who has written for various state newspapers, among them The Journal Inquirer, the Waterbury Republican American, the New London Day, the Litchfield County Times, the Torrington Register Citizen and other Register Citizen papers. He maintains a blog, among the oldest of its kind in Connecticut, which serves as a repository and archive, for his columns; there are approximately 3,000 entrees in Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes From A Blue State, virtually all of them political columns stretching back to 2004. He also appears once a week Wednesdays on 1080 WTIC Newstalk radio with Will Marotti.

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