• Biden's War On Parents Continues With Help From Hate Group, Southern Poverty Law Center

    February 5, 2024

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    Last week, we learned that Biden’s education department met with the progressive Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) a year before deciding to add parental rights groups, including Connecticut chapters of Moms for Liberty and US Parents Involved in Education (PIE), to its “hate map” suggesting those concerned about protecting children from progressive indoctrination in school are no different than groups like the KKK, the Aryan Nation and the Skinheads.

    The education department also apparently hosted training sessions that described the parental rights groups singled out by the SPLC as the department’s “opposition”.  

    “We have known for some time the Biden administration has made it their mission to attack parents who publicly advocate for their children’s education,” said Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, in response.

    It seems that the SPLC met with White House officials at least 11 times in the last three years, making the biased "attack dog” more like a “credible partner" to the Biden Administration than anything else.

    But the SPLC is not just a “credible partner” to the Biden Administration, the group is also widely used to deliver identity, diversity, justice and action (IDJA) lessons for students in grades K-12 through its “Social Justice Standards” program.

    Source: SPLC

    The program, which is still apparently used by elite private school Greenwich Academy (GA) throughout all grades, promotes SPLC’s “teaching tolerance anti-bias framework” to ensure students learn to hate what the SPLC hates.  

    Key outcomes delivered in the curriculum embrace the tenets of critical race theory (CRT). 

    For instance, children are taught to first consider the color of their skin, their identities, and the intersection of those identities in order to understand where they fit into a diverse world. Another outcome seems to foment the misconception that "systemic racism is embedded throughout America" into young minds by teaching students that life is always harder for some people “based on their identities”.  Students are ultimately encouraged to stand up to fight whenever they see unfair situations in the name of social justice.

    Unfortunately, this kind of ideological training—IDJA, CRT, DEI, anti-racism or whatever else you want to call it—is tearing our country apart because it actually encourages discrimination based on skin color, sex, ethnicity, and “gender identity.”  (And in case you didn't know, SPLC also views those who accept biology as enemies, too.)

    The backlash against DEI has been steadily building as more and more people realize that this toxic ideology actually "promotes division instead of unity" according to a DEI insider.

    Even the progressive NYTimes recognizes that the kind of DEI, anti-racism and social justice training being used in schools is not the right answer.

    Yet the Biden administration is treating those opposed to this dangerous ideology as the bad guys.  As if concerned parents are roadblocks to achieving his “whole-of-government equity agenda” as described by The Daily Caller.

    Good thing for groups like America First Legal and activists like Chris Rufo who are fighting against DEI and helping to wind down repressive DEI bureaucracies.

    In the meantime, though, we expect the Biden administration’s war on parents to continue.

    It’s an election year, after all.

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    The Democrats are doing the same thing to American families today, that they did to Native American families in the past. Breaking up families and kidnapping children to indoctrinate them is okay when the government does it, right? Wake up folks!! History is repeating itself.

    Candace Stuart

    SPLC should have long ago been shut down using the RICO statutes. It should be a high priority in President Trump's next term.

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