• Biological Man Who Identifies As Woman Shocks Real Women In Darien Equinox Locker Room; Management Proudly Endorses "Inclusivity"

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    Ladies in the locker room at Darien's Equinox Gym got quite a surprise last week when a transgender person (a man who identifies as a woman) entered the women's locker room multiple times where real, biological women were changing.

    The women, including a girl who was allegedly 17-years-old, felt violated and like they were being "watched" by the transgender person. It was an uncomfortable situation to say the least.

    But much to the surprise of the real women in the locker room, the presence of the of the transgender man had been entirely welcomed by the management of the club, under the guise of "inclusivity".

    In fact, when we reached out to Equinox to confirm the story, the staffer who answered the phone said that he was aware of the situation, and remarked, "I mean, you know Equinox, you know, we support like, we support everything."

    He continued to explain that he saw nothing wrong with their transgender bathroom policy, and gave assurances that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about -- even if young girls were in the room, this would not be a problem for him. And he felt it should therefore not be a problem for anyone else, including the biological women and the 17-year-old girl who were offended!

    This "inclusive" and "welcoming" attitude was reiterated by the club's manager, Christian, who said Equinox has a zero tolerance policy on "discrimination" and noted that Equinox is a "very liberal and progressive company." He said if real women are uncomfortable they could certainly talk to him, but that the transgender person "is not putting anybody at risk" and seemed entirely disinclined to do anything to respect the feelings of the biological women.

    In fact, Christian even boasted about the national club policy on inclusivity that made it possible for the transgender man to enter the women's locker room in the first place!

    Equinox's national policy on Inclusivity states: "Equinox strives to provide a supportive, respectful, and inclusive environment for all members, employees, and guests, no matter their gender identity."

    There you have it -- no matter your GENDER IDENTITY.

    The two magic words that grant access for a middle-aged man who says he's a woman to enter a locker room where a 17-year-old girl was allegedly present.

    Actually, there could have been a 15-year-old girl in the bathroom, since the Equinox policy allows children of that age to use the club, and it still would have been perfectly fine for that middle-aged man who identifies as a women to loiter in the women's locker room.

    Even toddlers and children could be present in the bathroom if they are with a parent at an Equinox location that has childcare options.

    Can you imagine that? A young girl changing right beside a 50-year-old biological male? And the attitude of the manager, Christian, was that there was absolutely no reason for any biological female to feel uncomfortable in that situation?

    When Equinox says it has "zero tolerance for discrimination" it obviously doesn't include discrimination against biological women. In fact, discrimination against biological women seems to be written into Equinox company policy and openly encouraged by the male staffers with whom we spoke.

    Will Equinox join the ranks of companies like Budweiser, Target, Nike, Calvin Klein, the North Face, and now even Kohl's, all of which are facing serious backlash from consumers for going woke?

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    This is totally inappropriate and wrong. So this “Trans man” is offended at seeing other males in a locker room who match his biological sex, yet the biological women can’t be offended by having a biological male in their locker room. It makes ZERO sense. Why are the feelings of “Trans” people put above the feelings of biological females? Not to mention the potential for a biological man to just abuse this policy in order to watch women changing/showering and perhaps teens and/or children. This is wrong on so many levels. And what is the actual purpose of this? Why would this biological man feel uncomfortable around other men. It’s a locker room and the very point of keeping men and women separated is because of their BIOLOGY!

    Concerned citizen


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