• BLM Doubles Down On Hamas Support, As Old Footage Of Its Founder, Patrice Cullors, Emerges

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    BLM Chicago deleted its anti-Semitic tweet that insensitively featured a paraglider in support of the Palestinian terror attacks. 

    Though it quickly doubled down on the sentiment, saying that, “all the money in the world couldn’t make us support Israel’s terrorism" and that "if they’d stop the genocide, we’d be friends”.  The group continued to build on that position in another post saying it has “always been for Palestinian freedom” and that, "there’s no way you could have been with us at any point & missed that to be shocked now.”

    Adding more fuel to the fire, BLM Chicago retweeted a Black Alliance for Peace post saying, "a colonized people have a right to resist occupation and fight for self-determination by any means necessary.”   

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    So it’s clear where at least this BLM chapter stands with respect to Hamas.  

    The Hartford BLM chapter justified the brutal Hamas attacks by saying it was like "blaming a battered woman after killing her abusive husband."

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    And don’t forget that BLM founder Patrice Cullors is on video calling for the eradication of Israel.  

    So the question still remains…

    Will the Democrats ever get around to condemning BLM, the same organization that called the American flag a “symbol of hatred” used by dumb racists, for being anti-Semitic?  

    And will anything happen to the BLM murals painted on roads in places like Stamford and Hartford now that organization's anti-Semitic sentiments are on full display? Or will Jewish people be forced to walk across the name of an organization that once warned that “we’re doomed” if Israel was not brought to an “end"?

    Source: CT State Rep. Hector Arzeno

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