• Break, Enter And Squat: Another Tool In The Liberal Toolbox To Help With The Manufactured Liberal Housing Crunch

    March 23, 2024

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    Many brainwashed citizens in places like King Ned Lamont the Unaccountable’s Connecticut honestly believe the pap and claptrap that is thrown at them every day by state-run media sources. Talk to any one of them. They believe Covid-19 is still a pandemic and anyone walking around without a mask is a diseased murderer.

    They believe a demented shell of a man acting in the office of President of The United States and his acolyte Blue-State governors actually care about them and keep them safe, even though about every city in these states lies in dangerous drug-infested ruin and the U.S. borders are being trampled daily by illegal migrants in a veritable stampede.

    They believe that the “deep state” should be celebrated rather than investigated and dismantled.

    They believe that Donald J. Trump is a potential assassin of their very way of being and should in turn be assassinated if the opportunity came about.

    They believe no person entering the country without papers is (gasp!) “illegal”.

    They believe that climate change will kill us all in three years. They have felt this way since 1996.

    They believe there is an “affordable housing” crisis never surmising that housing of any sort is unaffordable without any market-level jobs, skills, and industries in their economically pitiful states. But most recently, they either look placidly ahead and/or turn the other way as illegal migrants and other freeloaders pry their way into legally owned homes and “squat” there, believing that these “not illegal” people just have to live somewhere. Further, regardless of the rights of others, you must be obedient and do God’s work and continue to give up your property for the greater good.

    In this connection, I do not understand why private property is bad in our economy. I also do not understand why it can ever be right for someone else to take another person’s private property just because they can.

    What governmental agency has decided that? What non-elected bureaucrat determined that private property laws and rights needed to be disregarded? Why do “elected leaders” never make any sort of statement as to how this illegal taking will be stopped? Why do these same “elected leaders” such as The Unaccountable and his lieutenants run from the very question of if they would ever force homeowners to house migrants in their homes in a manufactured future "public health crisis?"

    Who really is behind all of this, as I and many others are curious as to how this new theft of personal freedoms allowed by the totally incompetent and incoherent Democrat Party of America came into being? A party that I must add is running on total disregard of any type of competency, coherency, personal freedom, responsibility and/or logic as the norms of our society. And also, a platform that continues to bankrupt America at all levels of government daily since the current Biden/Lamont Regimes have come into power.

    If you own private property such as a house, trailer, or condominium, you own it as far as the law is concerned. How is it legal for a Democrat run New York City council to give over rights of home ownership to an illegal squatter after 30 days? We see that happening in the borough of Queens, NY, right now with the owner of the property being arrested for trying to change the home’s locks as an illegal squatter sublet the owner’s house to unsuspecting people. This is sickening. Is this supposed to be law? Where (pray-tell) is the serially incompetent New York City Mayor Eric Adams in all of this? Also, what would an equally serial incompetent leader of your state or city do in an identical situation?

    An unchecked and fully open border in Mexico has led to a Democrat-manufactured massive housing crisis and has caused for many illegal immigrants to figure out how easy it is to break, enter, and squat. For instance, a brazen illegal immigrant and Venezuelan national Leonel Moreno, who is near a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, said in a recent video that under US law “if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.”

    Apparently, we are seeing the new normal that legal American taxpayers and citizens must embrace thanks to the totally incompetent and incoherent Democrat Party of America. Private property rights be damned except for the rights of the elite of the Democrat Party. It would be fascinating to see how quickly laws would change if an elite member of the Democrat Party's High Society had a squatter living in one their properties.

    The outrage of it all would hearken back to a time when illegal immigrants were bused to the Democrat Playground of Martha's Vineyard. But those same illegal immigrants can come and go as they please in Republican Texas and Florida. It is a sickening abuse of both our laws and personal freedoms to see this occur.

    Break, enter and squat! A new way to welcome Joe Biden’s “Newcomers!”

    What can be better than this as squatters have more legal rights than the rightful owners of their confiscated property? This kernel in the Cracker Jack box of taxpayer-paid freebies is the re-election modus operandi of the failed Biden-Harris ticket. Both deserve to stand trial rather than being re-elected for the utter destruction they have helped to create in our country and our world. Joe Biden's 50-plus years in politics can only be seen by any rational person as complete nonperformance, neglect and dereliction of duty, regardless of where Joe Biden has been. However, he has been useful in gaming the system to help make money for his son and his family. And even in that, he has needed a lot of help from his relatives.

    America was not founded on a system of lawlessness and a lack of ethics. But today America is totally unlike that, and the Democrat Party is both proud and smug of its accomplishment of failures. The Democrats will realize this reality come November as their lies and theft have disenfranchised the Taxpayers who will refuse to support it in 2025.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Hey, the 300lb. feral hogs out back have to eat, too...


    There will be a lot of people shot as burglars that broke into the house and threatened the rightful owner who just defended him/herself and family.

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