January 2, 2024
    Catherine Englebrecht, public domain.

    Federal Judge Steve Jones finds in favor of True The Vote and against Abrams' Fair Fight.

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    The Federal Court of the Northern District of Georgia has ruled in favor of True the Vote in their three-year long case brought by Stacy Abrams NGO, Fair Fight.

    Read True the Vote's Release HERE.

    The Judge said "the Court finds that there has not been any violation of Section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act by any of the named Defendants in this case. Accordingly, the Court DIRECTS the Clerk to enter judgement in favor of Defendants and against Plaintiffs."

    The case went to trial recently in Federal Court in Gainesville, where many speculated that the motivation for Fair Fight to bring the suit was about stopping efforts to clean up Georgia's voter rolls.

    By tying True the Vote up in court for the past three years, efforts to demonstrate that Georgia's rolls contain hundreds of thousands of invalid registrations have been hampered. Registrations containing inaccurate voter information (in many cases for voters who no longer reside in Georgia) are no longer legally qualified to vote in the State.

    Catherine Englebrecht and the True the Vote team, brought forward data to Brad Raffensperger's office in a meeting in December 2020 and provided research showing over 300,000 such erroneous registrations were included in Georgia rolls, to which Raffensperger and his team replied "that sounds about right."

    Raffensperger's office has been under heavy scrutiny in recent days as word of errors found in 2021 has spread across Georgia. SoS Investigators, Gabe Sterling, Assistant AG Charlene McGowan, and certain members of the State Election Board all appear to have taken steps and made statements to deflect the facts of the errors away from Raffensperger, even though a letter from Brian Kemp (following an investigation by the Governors office) confirm the validity of the findings which first surfaced in 2021.

    In a recent post on Truth Social, Ms. Englebrecht reminded citizens that certain groups would wish Americans to feel that all is lost. Her answer: "We Are Winning."

    In the wake of today's ruling, Ms. Englebrecht's assessment has even more meaning.

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    Marjorie Bonadies

    Needs to happen in every state in the union. Thanking True the Vote for starting what will hopefully be a domino effect!!

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