January 17, 2024

    Maryland Elections Have Been Illegally Administered Since 2015 - What Does The United States Attorney General Merrick Garland Really Know About Maryland Election Fraud?

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    Today it was revealed that on May 13, 2015, a concerned Maryland voter named Lynn Garland sent an email to the Maryland Board of Elections. She was concerned regarding the legality of the State of Maryland’s use of ES&S DS200 Tabulators with modems attached. Mrs. Garland raised the very same issues that I have extensively covered over the past few months regarding the use of ES&S electronic voting systems that had modems and network devices attached. Apparently, our concerns over the illegal use of these machines is more “conspiracy fact” than “conspiracy theory”.

    This factual conspiracy seems to have extended its tentacles into the home of Mrs. Lynn Garland. The following email was obtained via a Maryland PIA - (public records request) by election integrity advocates currently investigating the massive election fraud being covered up by the State of Maryland.

    The tabulators referenced in this email are the very same ES&S DS200 Tabulators that were the subject of a 2020 exchange between the United States Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) and ES&S the largest manufacturer of electronic voting systems. This exchange exposed the fact that attaching modems or network devices voided the EAC Certification for the voting systems in their entirety.

    We have been raising this concern in numerous states all across America.

    Our question has been and continues to be how are elections legally certified using voting systems with no valid EAC certification or no state certifications?

    I personally posed this question to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office and the Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland. Unfortunately, he declined to give me his professional legal opinion.

    Who is Lynn Garland and why is this important?

    Fortunately Merrick Garland was not able to become a United Supreme Court Justice. He did however attain the office of United States Attorney General.

    So to recap, Lynn Garland, the wife of Merrick Garland, the current United States Attorney General for the Biden Administration brought the fact that ES&S DS200 Tabulators with modems were not certified for us by the EAC and did not meet the legal requirements for use in the State of Maryland.

    This is the WIFE of the United States Attorney General who has been prosecuting Donald Trump, his associates and his supporters for raising claims that there was fraud in the 2020 election.

    The image below is the 2nd page of the correspondence between Lynn Garland and the Maryland Board of Elections dated May 13, 2015.

    It certainly appears that Lynn Garland is very well versed in the legal requirements for EAC Certification and the Maryland statutes related to the certification of electronic voting systems. This is not surprising in light of who she is married to.

    This revelation is very damaging to the Biden administration’s Department of Injustice.

    This raises the questions being asked to a whole new level.

    How can Merrick Garland not know that Maryland and every other state across America illegally certified elections administered on electronic voting systems that had either no EAC certification, no valid state certification or an EAC Certification that was VOID in its entirety?

    How can Merrick Garland legally prosecute Donald Trump for claiming that the election was fraudulent?

    How can Jack Smith not know that the elections in the state that he resides in, illegally certified the 2020 and 2022 elections which were administered on machines that were illegal to use and violate a multitude of federal and state election law statutes?

    Perhaps, the American people all need to start asking how were American elections legally certified if they were illegally administered on electronic voting systems that were uncertifiable, uncertified, or had certifications that were VOID in their entirety?

    We have reached out to the Maryland Board of Elections to ask why they chose to redact Lynn Garland’s email address. Typically, public records requests do not remove the email address of the parties in the correspondence.

    Why did they do it in this case?

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