• BREAKING: Shortly Before Being Ousted At Project Veritas, James O'Keefe Complained To Board About Management Stamping His Signature On Large Checks, Lack Of Routine Cash Flow Analysis

    September 9, 2023
    Image by Gage Skidmore

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    The Connecticut Centinal has viewed internal text messages (on PV devices/servers) between former Project Veritas (PV) head James O'Keefe and board members at PV.

    What emerges is an image of O'Keefe constantly traveling and fundraising, while at the same time relaying the stress he is under to deliver large donations to the board.

    In the fall of 2022, O'Keefe begins to complain of firm management stamping large checks with his signature (illegally according to O'Keefe) and lack of cash flow analysis on a timely basis.

    On February 21, 2023 declared on social media he had been removed from his position as head of PV by the board of directors.

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    Not much unlike most of America...James is getting jerked around a little bit.

    Eric Schrader

    Why is this information "newsworthy"?


    That you don't know makes you a little dopey.


    A little dopey?

    Jeffrey A Hall

    So that uninformed persons, like yourself, can become more aware.
    Don't beat yourself up over it, it's just a troll thing, we understand.


    why did you read it?


    Dummy 😏


    Would you rather have them talk about pedophile Joe Biden and his crackhead China puppet money laundering tax avoiding son

    T F Dale

    No one has ever, ever shown proof of Biden being close to a pedophile. Unlike Trump whose good friends provided him with underage girls. That is proven!

    Pasta Fazooli

    I wonder who does their fund raising now, Jesse James and Bonny & Clyde??


    My shocked face...>>> 😮 <<<

    Matt D

    James must file suit against the thieving mofos so he can have a full audit on the scum of the earth cheaters. How the hell did they get hired? I guess it's the sos that Trump went through. The lefty liars and thieves are everywhere; just like cockroaches and rats in NYC!!!!


    Truth can’t be denied forever. What’s left of Project Veritas is about to face plant, and I am betting the reveal will be pure entertainment. Grab your popcorn.


    that's what you get for noticing, James


    How could James O'Keefe allow himself to become surrounded by such people in the first place?


    Ask trump. People are just greedy scumbags sometimes just like your brothers and sisters and friends you never know


    he started out an FBI bust - then became famous
    in 2016 the people he got busted with were still FBI snitches
    the lawyer James O'keefe got busted with - was still committing crimes (fbi snitch ben wetmore)
    I think project veritas was FBI after he got busted
    and he left because he came out against them which is thus the retaliation
    the woman hanna giles in charge - got busted with him by the fbi = what's her background in running a company let alone no ceo experience - so - yeah.


    They should arrest the board of project veritas for stealing money and getting rid of the founder what a crock of shit that was James O'Keefe is project veritas and now it's run by a bunch of corrupt libtatd scumbags.
    I bet the Jewish media is involved somewhere


    Um, why wasn't this known right after the scumbags at project veritas fired him where the hell would they fire him he was the whole company basically. They'll be bankrupt in a lot of jobs soon anyways nobody's going to give them money


    *why the hell.,

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