• CDC Did Not Put The COVID Vaccines On The Childhood Schedule Today

    October 19, 2022

    Before every parent goes off the rail about CDC and vaccines with their children read this from Dr. Meryl Nass.

    CDC Wants To Put Covid Vaccines On The Childhood Schedule

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    CDC did something strange today: they added COVID to the Vaccines for Children program, which is a federal entitlement program that pays for vaccines for kids who don’t have other insurance. But it was not necessary to do this yet, as CDC cannot buy EUA vaccines. The COVID vaccines (as well as monoclonal antibodies, some other drugs, PCR and rapid tests) are unlicensed experimental products. EUA vaccines cannot be sold. The government buys them and your taxes pay for them.

    CDC spends about 5 billion dollars a year to buy vaccines on the childhood schedule for kids on medicaid or without insurance. So the vote today meant that once the COVID vaccines are sold commercially, they will be included in the (donated) Vaccines for Children program. There was no clear explanation why this was conducted today, when CDC is jumping the gun. Did the CDC switch out a vote on adding COVID vaccines to the childhood schedule for a different vote at the last minute? It’s possible. 

    The CDC briefer, Jeanne Santoli, who explained why the members were voting on this, gave a short and nonsensical talk...

    Tread more at Meryl Nass Substack.

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