• Chris Murphy Gets Slammed On Social Media Over Tweet About The Word “Woke"

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    US Congressman from Connecticut, Chris Murphy, lamented about the right’s use of the word “woke”. 

    He claimed that “right wing Republicans” use the term "woke" to describe anything it doesn’t like, and falsely suggested that Republicans don’t like gay people or helping the poor, for instance.

    Source: Twitter

    Twitter users slammed Murphy’s comments, calling him a "scumbag tyrant who wants to turn America into a dystopian hellscape, hence his running cover for the cultural Marxist phenomenon of ‘woke’."

    Others likened being "woke" to being in a "cult that worships the inversion of reality" and equated "wokeness" with socialism and communism.

    The truth is that “woke” is just a euphemism for radical, progressive ideology.  

    Everyone knows it, and people are getting sick of it being stuffed into their faces every single day.

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