• Chuck Schumer Has A Lot Of Nerve

    Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (L) and Senator Chuck Schumer (R)

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    Chuck Schumer’s call for regime change through the removal of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is the most inappropriate interference in the government of the democratic state of Israel. The same Schumer does not call for the overthrow of dictatorships that are our enemies and does not think to call for the overthrow of the Chinese government, a country trying to replace us as a world superpower.

    Israel, our most important ally in the Middle East, is fighting for its survival against its enemies that seek to destroy it through a murderous terrorist organization that is dedicated to the extermination of the Jews of Israel. According to the March 13, 2024, opinion piece of the Wall Street Journal by Amit Segal, “Biden’s Middle East Is a Fantasy World”, Segal notes the following observations regarding the attitude of the Palestinians towards the massacre:

    ”In reality, according to a November survey by Arab World for Research and Development, which is affiliated with Ramallah-based Birzeit University, 59% of Palestinians “extremely support” the Oct. 7 massacre, and another 16% “somewhat support” it.”

    This survey indicates that 75% of the Palestinians in Gaza support the massacre of Jews in Israel. To any reasonable person, that is incompatible with a two-state solution. All that would likely happen is the Palestinians would become more powerful and be better able to kill the Jews of Israel which would expand to the rest of the world.

    This super-majority of hatred is far from a trivial problem. It indicates real systemic issues for those Palestinians living in Gaza and abroad.  Israel, with far superior knowledge than Mr. Schumer has from his soapbox in New York, must defeat Hamas. It should be noted that Hamas members are the elected governing body in Gaza. Rather than help its people with the foreign aid and building materials, Hamas has used its resources to build tunnels the length of the entire New York City Subway system. It could have used those skills to develop the region for good.

    Hamas continues to launch rockets at Israel while fattening the bank accounts of its leaders. Since October 7th, Hamas has engaged in the most barbaric and inhumane attack on innocent civilians by committing rape and massacre to Jewish children, mothers, the elderly and unarmed men.  Israel’s hand has been forced to defend herself and go on the offensive.  They are called the Israeli Defense Forces because they are playing defense and usually attack only when provoked in response. They are the only country with the Iron Dome and our only ally that is judged under a microscope.

    The only way for Israel to put this to an end is to destroy Hamas by paralyzing its leaders, most of whom are leading from afar in palaces in the middle east or the UK, often with billions in their bank accounts. An end to Hamas will send a signal to the rest of Israel’s enemies and the terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah that Israel will not back down.

    Chuck Schumer’s actions demonstrate a clear desire to prevent Israel from succeeding in a war of survival because he and his party need the support of the pro Hamas progressive left.  Schumer is one of the many members of Congress pandering to Israel’s enemies. Chuck should be fighting for the prosecution of progressives who are engaged in hate speech and hate acts against American Jews.

    The immediate regime change that Schumer should call for is the replacement of the squad and other members of Congress that are against Israel. These antisemitic acts of the left on university campuses and in democrat controlled cities are not his priority. America needs its own regime change in our Congress, State and Local Government, and Education.

    Schumer should not put the political interests of the democrat party over the lives of Israelis or the safety of Jewish Americans. This is a shameful course of action and will only lead to further escalation of hate, not only against Jews but other groups including MAGA Republicans, Pro Life Advocates and other conservatives. Hate will tear our country apart.

    It is beyond belief that Schumer believes he has the right to interfere in the internal politics of a sovereign democracy. Israel is not a banana republic and even banana republics should not allow Schumer to control who leads their governments. The US does not have the greatest record in regime change in worldwide conflicts, so maybe we should solve our issues at home first, starting with the southern border.

    As they say, those in glass houses should not throw the first stone. Schumer and his democratic colleagues after single party rule have wreaked havoc on New York City and New York State. Over the past 3 years, New York has lost 884,000 New Yorkers, including very high-earners and tax payers. New York has not been able to fill that loss and recent data indicates that from the spring of 2022 until December 2023, around 126,700 “asylum seekers” also known as illegal aliens have come to NYC. That means that NYC is supporting a significant number of them with food, housing, spending money, medical care and education without taxpayers to offset these economic stresses.

    It is no wonder that taxes go up and services go down in NYC, leading to a further exodus.

    If Schumer, the most powerful Democrat in New York cannot be a leader in a state without a war, why should he be meddling in foreign affairs. He has failed to prevent an exodus of taxpayers from NYC, reduce crime, and put an end to crime and illegal immigration.  Instead, he has contributed to illegal immigration with financial rewards and has not been able to stop the hemorrhaging of the commercial office space market and the loss of revenue from decreased tourism and the impending economic consequences. Fully occupied hotels by illegals is not considered a robust tourist economy of New York.

    The Israeli people do not want to let what happened on October 7th ever happen again. Jews have seen the consequences of not defeating those who want to exterminate them. Organizations that promote genocide and incite violence (that is not free speech) must be destroyed.  This requires a complete destruction of Hamas. Schumer should be listening to his constituents, especially with New York claiming the largest population of Jews outside of Israel.

    The US has a horrible track record with regime change and interference.  The US interfered in the Brazilian election of Lula, who is a Marxist leader who is not pro US. That has resulted in closer relations between Brazil and China, which subsequently creates and economic and security risk to our country.

    Israel does not want and should not expect its ally to interfere in Israel's elections. From a military perspective, Israel is the US’s strongest ally in the Middle East and the only one capable of inflicting serious harm to our greatest enemy in the region, Iran.

    Just like Schumer is ok with destroying New York, he seems to be ok with trying to destroy Israel’s right to shape its own destiny and protect its citizens from genocide. It is refreshing that AIPAC, a loyal supporter of Schumer, has finally put Schumer in his place.

    AIPAC posted on X that “Israel is an independent democracy that decides for itself when elections are held and chooses its own leaders,” “America must continue to stand with our ally Israel and ensure it has the time and resources it needs to win this war. Hamas bears sole responsibility for this conflict. The hope for a brighter future for the Middle East begins with Israel’s decisive defeat of Hamas.”

    Let’s hope these pro-Israel organizations finally stand up, and stop supporting politicians who do not have Israel’s best interest at heard.

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein

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