• Comments By Outgoing Chair Receive Mixed Response At First Greenwich RTC Meeting With Newly Installed Leadership

    Outgoing Greenwich RTC Chair Beth MacGillivray

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    On April 24th, the Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC) held its first meeting with newly installed leadership after a contentious battle for control resulted in primary challenges in five districts, generated multiple complaints to the State's Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC), and triggered a lawsuit against the Republican Registrar Fred DeCaro.

    The meeting room at Town Hall was packed. It was standing room only.

    The first item on the agenda was for the new leadership to thank the outgoing leadership, offer a token of their appreciation, and express their "hope" for unity going forward after the ugly primary fight.

    The outgoing leadership team came to the front of the room to offer a few words as they accepted their gifts.

    That's when things got a little spicy.

    Outgoing RTC Chair Beth MacGillivray very much appreciated the acknowledgement of all of the hard work contributed by the outgoing leadership team, RTC members, and the many volunteers who came out to support the RTC during her tenure. But she declined to accept the gift, suggesting that it wasn't sincere in light of the looming SEEC investigation into herself and other RTC members. You could hear both cheers and groans in the room at the same time in response to her comments. If the new leadership really wanted to become united, according to MacGillivray, they would have dropped the SEEC complaint filed by new Chair Jerry Cincotta.

    Some of the other outgoing leadership members accepted the gifts but added clarifying comments, while others declined to accept, in solidarity with MacGillivray.

    There were definitely hurt feelings over the RTC primary and caucus, especially over how some on MacGillivray's team were branded "extremists" for expressing mainstream Republican values on issues like parental rights, and how others were attacked by Republican First Selectman Fred Camillo whose preferred RTC slate raised $10,576 for the primary as of the 7-Day Before Primary report.

    Screenshot, Committee for United RTC SEEC Form 20.

    First Selectman Camillo spoke at the meeting, and offered condolences for former Greenwich First Selectman Tom Ragland, who had just passed away at age 89.

    Camillo didn't mention the "chainsaw massacre" that took place at Governor Ned Lamont's Greenwich property, even though the story was blowing up in the media. Camillo later came to Lamont's defense in the press by suggesting that Lamont was "known to honor and follow rules." Coincidentally, Lamont hired S.E. Minor, the same company where Camillo recently accepted a paid role, to craft a restoration plan.

    Around that time, a piece of paper was being circulated in the room that started to cause unrest. Then Andrea Blume, an RTC member from Camillo's preferred slate, stood up, disrupted the meeting and complained about the paper being "divisive".

    Photo of Handout

    The remainder of the meeting was rather straightforward, and included a number of three-minute speeches from candidates running for local and national office, including Tina Courpas (State House in the 149th), Gerry Smith for U.S. Senate, and three candidates vying for the nomination to go against Jim Himes for U.S. Congress—Michael Goldstein, Bob MacGuffie, and Daniel Miressi.

    Former Vice-Chair Joe Montanaro introduced a new candidate for State House in the 151st, Tod Laudonia, former Greenwich Tax Collector.

    Republican National Committeewoman for Connecticut, Leora Levy, also offered comments at the meeting, expressed her desire for unity inside the RTC, and shared her endorsement of Donald Trump for President.

    The Trump endorsement, of course, was music to the MAGA crowd's ears.

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