• Connecticut Democrat Socialists Of America To Hold Pro-Palestine Rally In New Haven On Columbus Day

    Source: Connecticut DSA

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    The Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America (CT DSA) sent an email late last night indicating the group was going "all out for Palestine" on "Indigenous People's Day".

    The email read, "On Indigenous People’s Day, we are gathering to support the struggle to take back the land from Palestine to Turtle Island. Despite 75 years of settler-colonial occupation, the Palestinian people are standing tall and unbroken. Palestine calls and we are answering!"

    The protestors plan on meeting at 3pm at City Hall in New Haven. So far, 22 people said they planned on attending the protest, and another 61 expressed interest.

    Source: CT DSA

    Then at 9pm on Monday, CT DSA plans on holding a pro-Palestine education and discussion session which will take place in lieu of the group's "regular" Palestine organizing meeting.

    This comes a day after hundreds of pro-Hamas protestors gathered in New York City and elsewhere around the country to celebrate the gruesome terror attacks launched by Hamas terrorists that resulted in the brutal slaughter of 700 Jews inside Israel.

    The DSA (the party of Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Rashida Talib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, with over 92,000 members and chapters in all 50 states.

    CT DSA has three branches in the state that encompass the areas of Greater Bridgeport, Greater Hartford and Western Connecticut, and six different working groups, including International Affairs, Housing Justice, Ecosocialism, Medicare For All / Health Justice, Socialist Feminist and Electoral.

    The organization has previously said that the fight to end "U.S. complicity with Israeli colonialism" is critical for Connecticut, so it has invited members "to commit to struggling through conflict, to remain true to our anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist values, and support us in standing with our Palestinian and Palestinian-allied comrades against censorship."

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