• Connecticut Democrats Sent Quite An Email Today About Trump's Indictment

    March 31, 2023
    Connecticut Democrats Sent Quite An Email Today About Trump's Indictment
    Image by Gage Skidmore

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    The note claimed that Trump’s "dangerous rhetoric threatens the rule of law" and even falsely suggested that he encouraged "violent protests” in light of his indictment.  
    Democrats alleged that "conspiracy-driven threats and violence" are now somehow the "hallmarks of the MAGA right” and even suggested that J6 was the result of “right-wing extremism”…  despite the fact that recently-released J6 footage contradicts that narrative.  The comment also makes you wonder if the CT Dems forgot about those “mostly peaceful” BLM “protests" in 2020, doesn’t it?

    Perhaps the best part of the email is the comment that “no one is above the law” — a statement with which we fully agree and so does US Senator Dick Blumenthal — but it apparently does not apply to Biden’s son, Hunter, and his infamous laptop from Hell which thoroughly documents a litany crimes, corrupt business dealings, and illegal activity, as well as Hunter’s sex, drug and pornography addictions.  But is there a looming indictment for Hunter?  Where is Hunter anyway?
    Connecticut Democrats have also taken to Twitter to celebrate Trump’s indictment.  

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    State Senators Looney and Duff released a statement that said they were “not surprised” that Trump “who openly flaunted the rule of law and disdained our legal institutions" was indicted, and they hope “justice will be served”...  even though they don’t know what the specific charges are yet!
    These are certainly extraordinary times for our country, and there has never been more division than there is right now.

    The indictment of Trump demonstrates how the legal system has been weaponized to attack political opponents.  

    And we think that is simply un-American.


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