• Connecticut Elections Do Matter

    November 12, 2023
    Source: Gomes Campaign on Facebook

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    Elections do matter.  No matter what you might hear or see, they do matter.  They matter more than you can imagine.  Unbelievably they also matter in Connecticut.  I still wonder why any sane person would vote for a Democrat, yet they did in droves this past Tuesday.  On election night, I commented that there has been a mass exodus of people from Connecticut who in many cases were Conservative and voted Republican in local elections.  As we saw during the pandemic, many people moved from New York and New Jersey into Connecticut replacing those conservative traditional voters and appear to have embraced the failed social and economic policies they fled from those states.  As such, several towns and cities leaned Democrat on election day for the first time in years.  That should be no surprise to the faux-Rockefeller-type moderate feel good Connecticut Republican Party that pompously runs against all things President Trump.  If one mentions his very name to some in the party, they will transform in front of your eyes into Democrats.  However. there are still some conservatives in the Republican Party who hold the line and deemed "hard right" (whatever that term means to liberals and socialists and why it is so offensive to them).  These same "hard right" conservatives are immediately written off by the party as being not electable yet are popular with like-minded citizens and are elected in some towns and cities.

    Bridgeport is a vile and corrupt Democrat led city that continues to be an economic failure and a national laughingstock.  The city is a cesspool of Democrat corruption.  It is hard to believe that Mayor Ganim somehow  found enough absentee votes to amazingly win his election once again.  The obvious absentee ballot stuffing that took place on camera should have been enough evidence to have postponed the election entirely and voided all absentee ballots that were "delivered".   

    What happened in Bridgeport was a stolen election, as it was illegitimate any way it is sugarcoated and spun.  What happened was illegal and still needs to be addressed, especially given its farcical nature. And predictably, the leadership position of His Royal Con Man, King Ned Lamont the Unaccountable, is that the system worked simply fine in Bridgeport and anything untoward was caught. Anyone with just minimal common sense would know that the wretched situation in Bridgeport cannot be an isolated incident in any way and that the Lamont position is an insult to any responsible citizen of the state.

    Through it all, there are towns in Connecticut that remain strong Republican and have been for years.   Look at the strengths of the Republican Party in Wallingford. Look at the strengths of the Republican Party in Shelton. Look at the strengths of the Republican Party in Orange.  Look at Bristol and some small towns in the state.  Look at what happened in Greenwich, where a well thought out, comprehensive Republican campaign took place that also addressed each lame attack from the Democrats running.  The Greenwich Republican plan should be adopted by the state Republican Party as a blueprint for success in future elections.  However, it sadly will not as infighting between the Rockefeller-lite and conservative parts of the Republican Party will continue in the massively important election of 2024.  

    To run as a Connecticut Republican in 2024 will a prerequisite to do so be the condemnation and renunciation of President Trump and all of the policies he stands for?  These policies brought border security, energy independence, stable food prices, small business growth, and Middle East stability. This weakness cannot continue if the GOP ever hopes again to be a force in the state or the country.

    There are many conservative Republicans who live in Connecticut and are fed up with their state leadership and constant losses.  They will vote for President Trump in 2024 regardless of anyone wanting to influence them otherwise.  They are fed up with the destruction of America's economy and society by a corrupt, pathetic Democrat President and his incoherent handlers. They would also be drawn to service should they see a party modeled on policy and principles rather than accepting defeat in the name of victory.

    Connecticut after Tuesday successfully continues its path towards socialism and communism with the burdens of several new towns that will now be controlled by an omnipotent state Democrat Party.  The further erosion of these towns and cities will be embraced through higher taxes, yet even more crime, more economic turmoil, homelessness, cluelessness, incompetency, Marxism, addiction, more businesses closing and moving out of state, less practical teaching with much more educational brainwashing and indoctrination of false premises, ideas, and political ideologies.   There are two vastly different and unique paths politically in Connecticut.  Let us hope and pray that the demolition and ruination of this once great state stops at some point with ethical and honest leaders stepping forward to lead once again.  Connecticut simply cannot go on like this.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Jim k

    Got election integrity? dirty voter rolls , bonus +cards, ect .
    "Most secure elections ever" LGB

    Jim k


    James Goodfellow

    Most Connecticut Republicans are actually just far left progressives with an R by their names. So even if one miraculously gets elected, they shift so hard to the left Conservatives get whiplash.

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