• Connecticut Is Not Immune To Democrats’ ‘Open Door’ At Southern Border

    March 1, 2024

    The Escalating Effects of Illegal Immigration

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    State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) today warned all Connecticut lawmakers and residents about the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) recent reporting of an influx of unexpected illegal immigrants across Connecticut. In January, DESPP asked municipalities to identify a Temporary Municipal Location (TML) where illegal immigrants could be sheltered for up to 24 hours while a “state migrant response task force” works with them to determine their needs, and arrange for services like transportation and housing. This directive was part of DESPP’s Jan. 12 “Operation Rapid Welcome Migrants Exercise” presentation to municipal leaders.

    DESPP’s thorough plan to accommodate an unexpected influx of illegal immigrants is now juxtaposed with an elevated nationwide conversation on the serious public safety threats from unfettered mass illegal immigration.

    In addition to the thousands of migrants that seek a better way of life in the U.S., the nation has seen the sustained effects of the many other illegal immigrants that have entered with nefarious intent. Last week, a female college student was found dead on the University of Georgia’s campus in Athens—considered by many as a sanctuary city—allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant previously known to federal authorities and arrested by NYPD in 2023. In 2018, an illegal immigrant was convicted for the murder of a female University of Iowa student. The two young women, and the families that lost them at the hands of illegal criminal immigrants, are part of a long list of victims created by the open U.S. southern border.

    Last month, seven illegal immigrants were indicted after viciously attacking NYPD officers in Times Square and were released without bail. New York City has been known as a sanctuary city until Mayor Eric Adams this week called for changes to related policies.

    Sen. Sampson said, “The moment has arrived for municipal government leaders across Connecticut to confront a critical decision. Should they persist in adhering to unconstitutional state statutes that obstruct their compliance with federal immigration law—the true law of the land? Alternatively, can they prioritize the safety of their residents by reestablishing cooperation with federal immigration authorities? Connecticut's state laws, which defy federal supremacy, not only violate constitutional principles, but have also resulted in suffering and loss of life for some American citizens. The repercussions of cities refusing to adhere to federal immigration law are evident nationwide, and Connecticut is not immune to similar consequences.

    “Connecticut policy over the past several years has created an attractive nuisance for criminal illegal immigrants and puts residents in danger. These policies invite crime and more abuse of our system. They also disenfranchise genuine asylum-seekers, and other immigrants looking to lawfully achieve the American Dream.

    “The number one obligation of government is safety of its citizens. The current policy of this administration is contrary to the safety and welfare of Connecticut residents.

    “I am in favor of increasing border security for the purpose of protecting our citizens and having a mechanism to make sure we are keeping out drug dealers, gang members, and terrorists while allowing those we have screened to pass.

    “I am also in favor of expanding lawful immigration into our country with the condition that those that are allowed to enter will benefit our society. Most of us are the descendants of legal immigrants. There is no question that lawful immigration has benefited our society and culture. Just imagine how many more we could accommodate if illegal entries were prevented, and how many senseless killings or violence can be avoided by preventing those with bad intentions from entering our country.

    “Despite the growing public outcry for public safety, Connecticut continues to take measures to further accommodate illegal immigrants, regardless of their criminal background or intentions for unlawfully entering and remaining in the U.S.”

    In 2019, Senator Sampson led the opposition to the expansion of the “Trust Act,” which made Connecticut a “Super Sanctuary State” by shielding certain criminal illegal immigrants from deportation.

    Then in 2021, Connecticut Democrats enacted a measure on party lines that, despite their stated intent to assist immigrants seeking a better life, purposely blurred the distinction between law-abiding residents and illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes. They voted to reclassify certain violent misdemeanors, reducing the maximum prison sentence from one year to 364 days. Sen. Sampson led the opposition to this law (PA 21-32), which effectively erased any delineation between these two groups within the state.

    “It is crucial to recognize that crimes carrying a prison sentence of one year or more are considered deportable offenses under federal law. Shockingly, the majority party's actions actively shield these violent criminal immigrants from deportation, undermining the very essence of our justice system,” said Sen. Sampson.

    Most recently, on Monday, the legislature’s transportation committee held a public hearing on a Democrat measure that alters the language of a “Drive-Only” drivers’ license, making it undistinguishable from a standard drivers’ license. In 2014, Connecticut implemented DO licenses available to all illegal immigrants in the state.

    “What benefit could come of this change?” asked Sen. Sampson.

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    Rob Sampson

    State Senator Rob Sampson represents Connecticut’s 16th State Senate District of Cheshire, Prospect, Southington, Waterbury and Wolcott.

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