Connecticut Legislators Are Being Deceived Into Mandating Critical Race Theory For Every School In Connecticut

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ELEVEN Education Committee Republicans and 27 Democrats voted for SB1166 AN ACT CONCERNING IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CONNECTICUT SCHOOL CLIMATE POLICY. Did they know what they were voting for? Did the sponsors? It is a complicated bill (even the Commissioner for the Department of Education seems confused) so let us explain . . .

Here is the trail to Critical Race Theory in SB1166: Section 3(b) requires Boards of Education to adopt a “district school climate policy”.

Section 1(15) defines “district school climate policy” to include the “model school climate policy”.

Section 1(14) defines the “model school climate policy” as “serves to implement the national school climate standards”.

After our April 19, 2023 Lobby Day against SB1166, the State of Connecticut Department of Education removed their link to the National School Climate Standards, which can still be found HERE.

Screenshot, CT Gov

Page 8, School Climate Standard #5 is “The school community develops meaningful and engaging practices, activities and norms that promote social and civic responsibilities and a commitment to social justice.”

One might ask “What is social justice education?” and the State of Connecticut Related Resources on School Climate links to the Southern Poverty Law Center which has this “helpful” article published 4/24/2023 defining a social justice education.  See also the “Connecticut State Department of Education Evidence-Based Practice Guide for CLIMATE and Culture” excerpt below for teacher training . . .

Screenshot, CT Gov

This is actual Critical Race Theory recommended by the Connecticut State Department of Education for our schools and SB1166 will be used to force it down every family’s throat. And we get it here at the Family Institute of Connecticut Action . . . some schools and organizations sadly support CRT and cultural marxism in our school. But why are legislators considering a bill to mandate it in every school?

SB1166 is high level deception that replaces the existing “Safe School Climate Plans” (SSCPs) with “District School Climate Policies” (DSCPs).  Whereas SSCPs must be tied to bullying and teen dating violence prevention (CGS 10-222d), DSCPs are tied to the National School Climate Standards which are developed and maintained by an out-of-state, private organization and require a “commitment to social justice.” (Sec. 1(14)) (School Climate Standard #5 – NSCS).

The Commissioner for the Department of Education testified that her Department was unable to access the National School Climate Standards in time for her 3/8/23 testimony, even though they were on the Department’s website, so what is going on here? How can this be democratic, how are school boards and principals and parents supposed to be involved?  Here is a link to the NSCS which were removed from the State Department of Education website after last month’s lobby day on this bill (the standards were listed here under “related resources”):

But wait there is more . . .

SB1166 mandates PUNISHMENT for children, parents and teachers who cause undefined “harm” – no doubt for resisting Critical Race Theory and other radical theories of gender. Parents and children will be held “accountable for the harm they do” and “responsible for repairing such harm” and if they are good, there will be a “reintegrating”. This is shocking from section 1(11) of SB1166 and throughout.

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The Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) is composed of three distinct organizations.  FIC Action is an 501(c)(4) social welfare organization which undertakes lobbying in defense of marriage and the family. FIC Action Committee is a registered state political action committee that was created in 2004 to help support pro-family candidates to CT state government. Family Institute of Connecticut is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational organization founded in 1989 to focus on marriage strengthening projects, educational efforts, and research.


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  1. I live in CT
    I homeschool.
    They took away our religious exemptions to the jabs, but Mississippi who did the same thing just had a federal judge rule the state can not remove the religious exemption...

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