• Connecticut Makes "Libs Of TikTok" Headlines Three Times In The Same Day

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    This might be a record for Connecticut, a dubious record, but a record nonetheless.

    The state made headlines on Libs of TikTok three times in just one day.

    First it was Middletown Public Schools because it arranged for elementary and middle school children to march in a "city sponsored pride festival which included drag shows."

    Next up was State Rep Liz Linehan who posted and then deleted photos of herself flipping off Trump Tower after the verdict.

    Rounding out the trifecta was Darien Public Schools which hung at least a dozen different pride flags in the windows -- lesbian, transgender, gay men, bisexual, and of course the progress pride flag.

    Way to represent, Connecticut!

    At this rate, a dedicated Libs of TikTok-CT account might be in order.

    It sure seems like there's enough content.

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    Cry about it!!!!

    Verus Super Omnia

    Middletown: I'm sure it was optional, and I see nothing wrong with children having that option, any more than if they had the option to participate in a, I don't know, prayer group, or pro-life activity.

    Linehan: She evidently does not have a great opinion of Trump, and she is entitled to express said opinion. Goodness knows conservatives are always so respectful about LGBT symbols... oh, wait.

    Verus Super Omnia

    Darien: Guys, it's a HIGH SCHOOL. By that point most people probably know whether they're gay/straight, trans/cis, et cetera. If there's some kind of problem with schools showing support for LGBT students in Pride month, then I guess they also shouldn't support Asian/Pacific Islander students during AAPI Heritage Month, Black students on MLK Day, Christian students during Lent, etc.

    Boys Should Be Boys

    You think that public schools should celebrate the way LGBTQ+ people choose to have sex? That's pretty f*cked up.



    Fuck lgbtq the kids should be kids an not subjected to that bs period fuck you an Middletown schools an fuck that bitch linehan too you all can go to hell

    Last edited 6 days ago by Anonymous
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