• Connecticut's Deceptively-Named Bill On "School Climate"

    April 9, 2023
    Image by Liam Enea

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    The purpose of Connecticut SB 1166, “An Act Concerning Implementation of the School Climate Policy” is described simply as “to implement the Connecticut school climate policy.”

    But it turns out it’s another deceptively-named bill.

    A better name for this bill might be, “Mandatory Surveys, Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Justice Practices” since that’s what it’s really about.

    For example, Section 7 mandates perpetual school climate surveys that mine children for social and emotional learning data in order to create an endless cycle of progressive changes to school culture.  

    Connecticut already offers a number of mandated surveys that contain extremely intrusive questions about personal and family life, and potential illegal activity, such as the “2023 Connecticut School Health Survey Student Questionnaire”.  This survey asks questions like “how old were you when you first had sex?” (answers start at age 11), what your gender identity is, and it specifically asks if students are transgender.  The survey also extensively covers drug use, violence and even how often your family eats certain foods.

    Additionally, the bill requires Boards of Education to provide in-service training for teachers, administrators and pupil personnel on a laundry list of items… including implicit bias training, as well as training on "the principles and practices of social-emotional learning and restorative practices.”

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    Of course, you know what that language means by now.

    This bill has received a favorable report and has been assigned Senate Calendar Number 259 as of April 5, 2023.

    You can learn more details about this bill on the Family Institute of Connecticut website, and through the group’s weekly zoom calls with the Connecticut Republican Assembly (CTRA).

    P.S. Did you know that The National School Climate Standards were developed with the help of 40 DEI advocates from the New England Equity Assistance Center?


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    No wonder so many citizens are leaving this wretched, democrat infested state. Our congresspeople are a collection of wimps who are not protecting our rights as citizens. I made a mistake in moving here. Now I'm stuck so I guess I have to live with it.

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