• Connecticut's Democrat Party’s Quest To Go Back To The Stone Ages

    November 27, 2023

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    “Back to the Stone Age” should be the new slogan for the state of Connecticut in the future, as it is certainly more apt and accurate than “Make it, Here”.  There will be no Back to the Future, nor any type of functional advancement economically, socially, or environmentally with the Draconian "Advanced Clean Cars II, ACC" initiative (the “Act”) requiring that all light duty vehicles sold in the state be Zero emissions vehicles by 2035 and that medium and heavy-duty trucks reduce their "emissions" by 40 to 75% by 2035 as well.  Truck fleets of 50 vehicles and over will be required to report to the DEEP for "prioritization" of these fleets to electric vehicles.  The Act also will create "superior warranty provisions and protections" although there is no mention from what I can gather as to how this will happen and who will pay for it.  Sadly, the poor citizens of Connecticut know that these vague and inept policies are par for the course in the land of King Ned Lamont the Unaccountable, but no one in said kingdom ever seems to care.

    The Confused Connecticut Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environment and Energy Protection (“DEEP”), Katie Dykes, stated that support for this Stone Age bill was overwhelming even though the massive investigation by David Flemming of the Yankee Institute showed the majority of comments sent to the DEEP were overwhelmingly against this economically incoherent piece of legislation.  Dykes obviously did not really research and/or apparently read the negative comments as Mr. Flemming noted from his article that "while DEEP did receive more than 4,000 comments, over 900 had identical email usernames and/or domain names, as I discovered in my research for the Yankee Institute. Therefore, it is a good bet that fewer than 4,000 people Actually commented. Nevertheless, because duplicates from the “support” and “oppose” camps were evenly distributed, this would not impact the tally of comments on a percentage basis. " Thus, as in Democrat run Bridgeport with the stuffing of absentee ballots for Mayor, the state's comments are skewed with 900 identical robo emails flooding the comments box. Simply put, if one removes these comments, one sees there is overwhelming opposition to this bill and Act by the legitimate Taxpaying public.  But why let hard figures such as that bother the highly paid DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes (whose salary is well over $175,000 a year) and other math-deniers in government? Ostensibly, this crowd has signed up with the “all math is racist” crowd in their exercise of non-analytical policy double-speak, (but I digress).

    The Act also has had absolutely no cost benefit analysis to it.  Who will be paying for these vehicles, extended warranties, electric charging stations (that apparently will use no fossil fuels?), batteries, liabilities for damage when there is a fire in an electric vehicle and/or get in an accident with one, the economic costs of the massive amount of gas/diesel stations/pumps closing, the economic costs of the massive layoff of gasoline/diesel mechanics due to a lack of work, the economic costs of parts supply houses/dealers going out of business since parts for gasoline/diesel vehicles will no longer be able to be sold since liability issues are unclear in the Act.  Connecticut will be embracing a complete dismantling of the pathetic remains of its economy to embrace this new beloved "Stone Age." In addition, it is well-settled that the environmental costs of generating E-power are far worse that the supposed benefit from abstention from fossil fuels.

    Thus, Connecticut Taxpayers will be spending a great deal of money trying to get anywhere wheresoever in the state especially those few who will still have jobs and must commute to work.   What law is coming next? A ban on all driving in the state?  I can see that coming especially with the shoving down the throats of this true debacle of legislation for EV vehicles being the only cars sold in state.  The laws of supply and demand in a free-market economy seem to be hated by the Profit Driven Ned Lamont multimillionaire Democrat Party of 2023.  It is really no big deal to them as we know profits are being panned out now by the ruling elite, and a new Stone Age is embraced by the environmental police state that we all know is Connecticut. 

    If you are not particularly fascinated by high-level governmental machinations, and you are just doing your best to get along from day to day, allow me to boil this down for you: A bunch of elitist eggheads and ideologues in Connecticut government are forcing you to pay money that you will never have to purchase undependable skittish electric cars and trucks that are far too expensive to charge and may not even run if the power goes out and if the weather dips below a certain temperature. Also, if your family is hungry and you need necessary supplies, the large trucks forced to use this so-called technology delivering these critical goods might become inoperative as they will become too heavy for roads and bridges. So, as you cannot get your car started and your family is going hungry and you cannot work, you want to scream at your government, but your government really does not care, and to make things worse, your governor is tied to a large family investment in E-cars made by a Middle Eastern country interested on pushing this E-car mess upon you, come Hell or high water.

    Do you still have a problem with this? Be obedient to the party line.  And start walking today and shut up about it.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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