• Connecticut's Profit Driven Democrat Party: Democrats Profit At People’s Expense

    December 2, 2023

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    It has become increasingly evident over time that most of Connecticut's Taxpayer funded programs and policies are somehow related to Democrat politicians and their ability to earn a personal profit or benefit from it.  Since the advent of the completely non-transparent Administration of His Royal Con Man King Governor Ned Lamont the Unaccountable, we know little to nothing about the many deals that are made almost daily to help the profits of the Lamont's family hedge fund and the deals of other assorted Democrats. Again and again, be it Lamont, or his wife Annie Lamont (aka “Saudi Annie”) and their myriad family private equity partnerships such as Oak HC/FT, Connecticut Taxpayers still have no clear answers to many questionable investments and arrangements tied to Sema-4, Digital Currency Group and its affiliates, ADVANCECT, 4-CT, Boston Consulting Group, UNITE US, Mt. Sinai Genomics, “The Horsebarn Hill Investment Fund”, Tidal River Fund, McKinsey, and the Lamont-based Cayman Islands shell companies a number of years later. The list seems endless, and we see absolutely no research, acuity, or initiative from our state-run media in investigating any of it. 

    In any event the “Ned Gang” experienced a small loss this past week on the adopted California edict to outlaw gasoline powered vehicle sales in 2035 but we have no delusions in that the same gang will be back with retaliation in the form of a bill that buries this "Advanced Clean Cars II, ACC" initiative in it, possibly with a cuter name designed by either McKinsey or Boston Consulting.  When this initiative is then buried in a “rat” bill at 3 am at the close of the legislative session for passage, this successfully opens up yet another profit stream for Oak HC/FT along the lines of where investors vested in e-cars (such as the Lamont-connected Saudi-based Saudi Public Investment Fund), will profit once again off of the backs of non-politically connected minion and serf-like taxpayers.

    Again, please do not delude yourself and do understand that the Electric Vehicle mandate is still very much in play.   But truthfully after the revolt against this farcical debacle was engineered at the hands of citizens, intrepid independent journalists, radio commentators, social media contributors, and not politicians (regardless of what they tell you), has the day finally dawned that Connecticut Taxpayers, state businesses and individuals who are tired of supporting the profit driven Democrat Party (whether it is corrupt Bridgeport,  drug-addled-bullet-ridden New Haven or state government in Hartford) are finally fed up with writing checks for these economically incoherent programs that are being mandated by non-elected Democrat career bureaucrats?

    In addition, it is quite interesting to me that the bureaucracies propounding these programs almost always escape any criticism or challenge from any elected officials whatsoever, perhaps because these officials are pining for similar cushy state employment that some of their predecessors have already attained?  Could it be possible that Connecticut Taxpayers, the businesses, and individuals who are supporting the profit driven Democrat Party are now wondering once again how their humanitarian Governor earns $54 million dollars a year even though he does not take his salary?  Could it now be possible that Connecticut Taxpayers, the businesses, and individuals who are supporting the profit driven Democrat Party do not wish fund this incoherent economic gibberish called “government” that is rammed down their throats and pocketbooks any longer?  

    Maybe and finally the outcry against this wretched E-Car Act requiring that all light duty vehicles sold in the state be Zero emissions vehicles by 2035 and that medium and heavy-duty trucks reduce their "emissions" by 40 to 75% by 2035 and requiring Truck fleets of 50 vehicles and over to report to the DEEP for "prioritization" of these fleets to electric vehicles, has broken the Democrats back with regards to their incessant march to economic Armageddon for the state. Still, many Democrats in the state are shocked at the outcry to the rejection of this piece of legislation even though behind the scenes tradeoffs/lobbying and bribing were being offered for a yes vote.  Could this now possibly mean that Connecticut Taxpayers have had enough?

    However, keep in mind that these logically incoherent bureaucrats try to guilt, propagandize and shame state taxpayers to embrace their twisted vision, they will never tell you this entire “effort” has a hideously dirty little secret. As just one example, we are browbeaten by the delusional Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (headed by the $175,000 taxpayer-paid Commissioner Katie Dykes) and her wish to protect us from all causes of pollution wheresoever. However, this "vision" gives absolutely no consideration to the abuses of people and children of color caused by the serial mining of the minerals in order to produce E-Car batteries: How 'modern-day slavery' in the Congo powers the rechargeable battery economy (inter-alia). This issue is well-known and well-settled. That said, I am of the belief that the very woke-liberal-environmentally sensitive and happily bureaucratic walking among us in Connecticut could care less about the generational damage done to these helpless people and to the earth as a whole by mineral mining, provided that they have their neat little Subaru or Volt car to plug into a charging station and chat about how hip they are to the cause of clean air.

    Since the beginning of the Lamont Administration to this day the Democrat Party places their profits over people especially over Connecticut Taxpayers.  A new war over town zoning has begun that will drive Democrat profit streams in the future, create unaffordable and nonsensical housing, raise property taxes even higher, eliminate wetlands and wreak environmental destruction (sort of like the EV mandate coming in 2035), and help destroy Persons of Color far away while Middle Easterners tied to the E-Car industry keep trying to force feed the misguided products onto the driveways of citizens.  Connecticut has the modern day "Robin Hoods" although with a twist as the current Democrat Administration of His Royal Con Man, King Ned Lamont the Unaccountable, his wife Ann Lamont (aka “Saudi Annie”) and their family private equity partnerships such as Oak HC/FT seem to rob the middle class Connecticut taxpayers to help make them become poor and then giving to the rich, to make them even more wealthy in the vast economic wasteland known as Connecticut. 

    In consideration of all the above, perhaps “Robbing Hoods” is a more apt term for these connected characters. And again, it is truly Democrat Profits over people in 2023.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Paul A

    It’s obvious most residents refuse to accept this garbage. The question is how do they keep winning elections with little support for their outrageous policy attempts. That’s the million dollar question. It’s time for voter ID. It’s time for secure voting.

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