• Connecticut's Quiet Corner Not So Quiet After Putnam RTC Facebook Post Gets Censored

    August 11, 2023

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    There is nowhere you can escape the culture wars these days, not even in the "quiet corner" of Connecticut, where the Putnam Republican Town Committee (RTC) received a Facebook warning for posting a photo collage of perfectly appropriate, award-winning, inclusive children's books with informative illustrations that you should be proud to have on the shelves of your library.

    Well, that's what Democrats would like you to believe...

    They also want you to believe anyone who wishes to restrict books for minors for any reason whatsoever are horrible book banners who just want to crush the First Amendment rights of young readers.

    Of course, reasonable people who take the time to actually look at the books in question often find themselves surprised, and completely taken aback by the graphic, sexually-explicit images and language contained in some of these books. It's downright shocking, and in some cases pornographic.

    And that was the point the Putnam RTC was trying to make on Facebook when it posted a collage of books that have been frequently challenged, including the book, Flamer, which is currently contained in the catalog at the Brooklyn Town Library and in Killingly High School.

    Source: Putnam RTC Facebook Warning

    But when the Putnam RTC posted the collage, it was immediately censored by Facebook for going against Community Standards. It's hard to believe that Facebook banned a handful of images from books considered suitable for your children at school and the library, right?

    The Putnam RTC responded with a statement on Facebook saying, "even Facebook considers it to be against their community standards or even pornography. Democrats need to answer the question as to why they're OK with grade school children seeing books that even Facebook considers to be porn. Republicans aren't banning books, they're preventing children from being exposed to this garbage."

    Unfortunately, more and more people are finding out that their libraries contain radical content that some parents may find inappropriate for young children, including books on radical gender ideology and books that seek to normalize transgenderism.

    People in the "quiet corner" were surprised to learn that controversial books like "Julian Is A Mermaid" which promotes cross-dressing, and "I am Jazz" which celebrates a child who was "born a boy but feels like a girl" appeared on the shelves of Brooklyn Elementary School.

    Even more potentially controversial titles populate the shelves in Brooklyn Middle School, including "George" (a.k.a. "Melissa"), which is about a boy who knows he's really a girl; "Rick" which is about a middle school boy who discovers the Rainbow Spectrum club, where kids of many genders and identities can express themselves; and books that promote transgenderism like "Growing Up Trans" and "When Aiden Became A Brother".

    Everyone always wonders how these titles end up in libraries, and who picks the books.

    It turns out every library has a "collection development" policy that dictates the book selection process. Often this includes choosing from publishers' book lists and from lists put out by organizations like the American Library Association (ALA)... which is currently run by a self-proclaimed Marxist who clearly has a progressive political agenda to keep all books on the shelves without any concern for age-appropriateness of the materials.

    Good thing the ALA finally has some competition from the World Library Association (WLA), which has a different take on managing age-appropriateness through the adoption of sound library policies.

    So if you are concerned about the direction your library is headed under the ALA, now would be a good time to introduce the Board to the WLA.

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    Louder and louder, the left cries for a strong embrace of "wokeism" a cultural war waged on conservative America in an effort to reconstruct our nation's foundations and to silence anyone who opposes the movement's standards.
    Confusing our children at the most developing time of life, why make it harder for them to enjoy the short amount of time before adulthood.
    We must recognize that we're in a war. A culture war taking place right here in America. A war for the very soul of our nation.

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