• CPAC Stands With Israel – A Father/Son Response To The Article - “Nazis Mingle Openly At CPAC, Spreading Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories And Finding Allies”

    The Goldsteins; Jonathan (left) and Michael (right); at CPAC (February 2024).

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    By Dr. Michael Goldstein and Jonathan Goldstein

    This week / weekend was the CPAC Conference in Washington DC. It was an incredible gathering of proud Americans and those from around the world who support our democratic way of life.

    As Proud Jewish Americans, we were excited to attend CPAC, but we heard serious concerns among speakers and attendees.  America is under attack; our former president, Donald J. Trump, is constantly being attacked; and Israel, our great ally, is under attack.

     It’s great to see that CPAC boldly stated on its website - “CPAC Stands With Israel”.

    Before returning from CPAC, we received an article from friends about how CPAC is antisemitic, and a far right supporter of Nazis. While the NBC article by Mr. Goggin indicates that anti-Semitic attendees were expressing their beliefs and were prepared to be ejected, those are attendees and their views are not the views of the majority of attendees. Like any event, there are always those who perhaps should not have be permitted entry.  At no time did we see a Nazi demonstration or experience anything like that.  Rather than reporting on the tremendous support for Israel that was present at CPAC, the journalist chose to fuel the flames instead.  Truth be told, we experienced much worse anti-Semitism as a result of pro-Palestinian rallies in the Tri-State area.

    Since October 7th, the worst attack to Jews since the Holocaust, the majority of antisemitism has come from the liberal left and the many democrats who are neutral or negative on Israel. Many democrats, rather than having the courage to do what is morally right, pander to the Muslim and progressive voters. My father and I attended a shabbat dinner where Mark Levin alluded to the sad reality that there are so many Jews in the democrat party who do not leverage their power for greater support of Israel.

    Levin noted that when two Hollywood elitists like Haim Saban and Casey Wasserman host a dinner for Joe Biden at prices up to $250,000 a plate, it creates the impression that the Jewish vote for the democrat party is secured and there is no need to effect strong support for Israel. Levin further suggested that such events send a message to Joe Biden that regardless of his policies towards Israel, the Jewish vote is secured for him and other democrats in 2024. With their support secured, democrats are free to appease anti-Jewish groups like CAIR and redouble their efforts for support in places like Dearborn, Michigan. As Jewish Americans we are especially disgusted by the support to CAIR, which every single US Congressional leader from Connecticut supported, including Richard Blumenthal who is Jewish.

    As we have seen, the anti-Israel protests throughout the country originate primarily from the left and such violent antisemitic attacks against Israel and Jews are an attack against America and our democratic principles. Left wing violent antisemitic extremist acts on university campuses and in the streets of democrat run cities are destabilizing to our democracy. These acts are largely the by-product of indoctrination on US liberal arts campuses.

    At the actual CPAC Convention, Donald Trump spoke about Israel and the importance of supporting Israel. It was beautiful to see Argentinian President Javier Milei embrace Donald Trump, see Millei’s love for the Jewish people, and his support for Israel at a time when other countries have turned against Israel, including Brazil which was formerly a strong supporter of Israel under the Jair Bolsanaro administration.

    This year we have seen Millei go to the Ohel of the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson and to the Western Wall in support of Israel.

    With a strong fellowship of Jews huddled in DC, praying at shabbat services and interacting with Christians at a conference that expressed support for Israel as brothers and sisters with the same God, the future is bright for Jews in America. More Jews must recognize and call out the antisemitic attitudes of the progressive left, and seek alliances with common sense, pro-Israel conservatives.

    The barbaric antisemitic attack by Hamas on October 7 was unfortunately consistent with their plan to exterminate the Jewish population of Israel. While much of the antisemitism is coming from the progressive left, there are far right extremists who unfortunately share antisemitic views, too. However, to us, a father/son team working to elect a Conservative Jewish candidate for US Congress to represent the 4th Congressional District of Connecticut, we found the attendees at CPAC to be pro-Israel and anti-terrorism. It was wonderful to meet other Jewish Conservatives running for local and congressional office at CPAC, including Mark Rice who is running in Illinois’ 8th Congressional District.

    During these difficult times we are facing, our representative democracy must put partisan politics aside and work together to save our country. It is time for the combative rhetoric to stop. This includes singling out a small group of radicals at an event that otherwise had exceptional camaraderie.

    We hope that more Jews will realize, as we do, that CPAC and the conservatives who run on the Republican ticket offer the best chance to support Israel and America, and that the left quite literally left Jews in the desert a long time ago.

    Like we said, we didn't witness any Nazi sentiment in the general crowds at CPAC, nor did we see any Nazi insignias present on the attendees or at the merchandise tables. The mere fact that a few radicals got in, mingled and were prepared to be ejected does not mean that all attendees shared the same Nazi and anti-Semitic views.

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is running for Congress in Connecticut to challenge Jim Himes and his weak stance on Israel among so many other issues. He is incredibly well versed on Israel and the history of that region.

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is running for U.S. Congress. You can learn more about his campaign here: https://goldsteinforcongress.com/

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    Steve Schwartz'n'egger

    The fact that you approvingly mention Mark Levin (self-pronounced LeVIN as if he were French) says it all. If anyone has heard this barbaric racist pig screaming on the radio, you'll know what I'm talking about

    Kelly J Patriot

    God Bless America 🇺🇸 and God Bless Israel 🇮🇱

    Kelly J Patriot

    Great Article and Michael I/we hope you win. You have a solid supporter in your son, Jonathan, who I met and chatted with in Miami doing Media at the Reawaken America Tour in Miami last March. As for the prior comment re Mark Levin, notwithstanding how he pronounces his name, I respect him and what he has to say as well as his insight and knowledge. I stand for Israel and so does singer, Jimmy Levy, who I interviewed in Miami (see below).

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