• Crazy Train

    May 14, 2024
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    With Congress passing billions more for Ukraine and waving Ukrainian flags on the floor of the House while chanting Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, we are seeing the Crazy Train hurtling full throttle down the tracks. These aren’t secret spy bureaucrats pursuing their ideological zealotry, or war-monger arms dealers slurping greedily at the govt trough. No, these are our duly elected representatives, people we sent to Washington, DC, to supposedly run the show on our behalf. Our government is completely disconnected from the citizens it should represent. Like a runaway train that flies by as we watch, it has become all too apparent that we have no way to stop it.

    Not only are we required to finance the never-ending war in Ukraine beyond all reason, but we are also told that it is good for us, that if we don’t our economy will collapse, our democracy will collapse and anyone opposed to the madness is definitely a Russian stooge. Chicken Little and Joe McCarthy would be proud.

    We finance it all by borrowing. In God We Trust, the motto on the dollar, should be changed to Charge It. Can we simply borrow our way out of trouble? Ask anyone who in a time of desperation turned to a loan shark. That often ends with broken kneecaps or a swan dive off a tall building. How about the family that leapfrogs from one credit card to the next to pay the never-ending bills? I’ve seen them living in tents by the river.

    But governments are different. They have magical infinite borrowing powers. They can make money out of thin air. And that never causes a single problem. Right? That’s like saying gravity works on everything except airplanes. Even if you do believe that, I don’t recommend shutting off engines mid-flight. They are like the alchemists of old, desperately trying to come up with the incantation that will turn lead into gold. Basic economic laws govern money, not magical thinking. Income vs outgo. Supply and demand. These laws may be hidden or ignored for a time, but they are hard at work nonetheless.

    Of course, spending like a drunken sailor is fun while it lasts. But when the money’s gone the party is over. The sailor boards his ship and sails out to make more money. But we’ve got nowhere to go. Our government is way beyond drunken sailor status. It took over 200 years and two major World Wars for the US to reach a two trillion dollar total national debt in 1996. Now the government is borrowing 2 trillion dollars every year above what it takes in. We create that excess from whole cloth. It isn’t that it MIGHT cause inflation. It is inflation by definition. With the national debt at $35 trillion, we spend $1 trillion in interest alone every year. We have passed the loan shark or credit card option trillions of dollars ago. Printing your way out of debt has been tried before. It ALWAYS ended in economic collapse.

    But you must understand that as bad as that sounds, things aren’t bad for everyone. Millionaires are becoming multimillionaires at a record pace. Multimillionaires become billionaires, billionaires multibillionaires. These are sums that defy counting. The top 1% is racking up more money faster than they can count. They want inflation. The top 10% scoop up the leftovers greedily. Most of the 90% below that are getting poorer by the minute. In case you’re asking, that is at least 200 million American citizens going the wrong way. And that number is growing by the day.

    To make matters even worse, our govt is bringing millions of impoverished illegals into the country at a pace never approached in history. Ten thousand unvetted people walking, running, or flying into the US every day is cultural Armageddon. That a sizable portion are from countries that outright hate America is treason.

    If you are seventy with many millions in your pocket, like half of Congress, you are just fine. You’ll have your gated community protected by armed security, or retire in the seaside country of your choice. Besides, you’ll be long gone when the piper comes calling. Everyone else is living the American dream in reverse. Inflation makes you poorer by the day. Your kids will be worse off than you, and their kids better hope they like the taste of bugs.

    And don’t think this crazy train stays in the USA. For decades the train has run across the globe sowing discord. The regime propaganda says we are only spreading democracy around the world. The reality says something else. The regime doesn’t care who we take down or who we prop up, as long as they agree to support our profit model. As long as they buy weapons to use against their enemy. That is always good. Their enemy will also be looking to buy weapons. In arms dealing and war finance, we call that win-win. We armed Iran to stop Iraq. We armed Iraq to stop Iran. We armed Syrian rebels who became ISIS. We armed Afghan rebels who became the Taliban. We arm Saudi Arabia, a radical fundamentalist Islamist regime completely incompatible with the West. The only thing the Islamic factions agree on is hating Israel. And we arm them, too.

    What we are spreading with no discernment and no end in sight is weapons and war. We have created a military empire across the globe that depends on one thing, continued armed conflict. An empire of war and death never ends well. Ask history.

    Our intelligence agencies call undermining, disrupting, and overthrowing foreign governments "tradecraft" as if it were a productive trade like carpentry. Now they have turned their tradecraft on America. While we debate about FBI warrants, the government bandits could care less. Their attitude is, Warrants? We don’t need no stinking warrants. For 20 years our own intelligence apparatus has been recording every single phone call, email, text, internet action, financial transaction, physical movement, political vote & opinion of every American. It has nothing to do with national security. Surveillance is about the control of population and the prosecution of dissent.

    Two questions remain. Can we stop this crazy train before it jumps the tracks, or will we have to derail it to save what is left of America?

    And that’s the simple truth.

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    Diogenes of Tampa is an author and podcaster at The Truth Window where he addresses tough topics on any subject in any arena. No holds barred. No sacred cows. Just the truth. Learn more at: https://thetruthwindow.substack.com

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